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stroke patient brain implant mobility
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Researchers at Jefferson Are Working to Improve Stroke Patients’ Long-Term Mobility With Brain Implants

Their recent clinical trial, which used implanted brain electrodes and a motorized brace to restore movement in a paralyzed arm, aims to pave the way for a fully implantable, wireless medical device.

interventional support center penn med
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Inside Penn’s Massive New Medical Equipment Sterilizing Facility

Penn Medicine’s Interventional Support Center will clean and re-package surgical supplies for their hospitals and outpatient centers.

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6 Delish Local Meal Delivery Services Making Nutritious Eating Easier

Here’s where you can turn the next time you need a break from the kitchen.

tela bio
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NextUp: The Malvern Medtech Company Working to Improve Surgical Mesh Options

TELA Bio is striving to reduce the adverse effects of hernia repair with OviTex, their biological material-based surgical mesh product.

newborn babies covid antibodies
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Newborn Babies Can Receive COVID-19 Antibodies From Mothers While in Utero, According to New Penn Study

The study conducted at Pennsylvania Hospital from April to August last year suggests that mothers who have had COVID-19 can provide some protection against the virus to their infants.

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How Philly Is Learning to Ditch Dieting and Evolve Our Relationship With Food

With an overarching goal to have a healthier mindset around nutrition, we’re working on eating — and living — guilt-free.

Local nutrition and dietitian pros Cristina Hoyt, Alexis Newman, and Liz McMahon share their best at-home tips.
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12 Nutrition Tips from Local Pros to Help You Eat Better at Home

From flexible planning to “sitting and savoring,” these easy-to-implement tips will help you eat more mindfully and nutritiously.

life sciences market
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Philly Ranked Sixth Among the Nation’s Top Markets for Life Sciences

With an established, yet continually growing market, Philadelphia is ranked among Boston, San Francisco and others on Newmark’s 2020 year-end report.

johnson and johnson vaccine candidate
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5 Questions About Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate, Answered

From how it differs from the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines to when it could be available for use, CHOP vaccine expert Paul Offit helps us break it down.

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This Little Plastic Clip Serves as a Mini Aromatherapy Diffuser for Your Mask

ScentClip, created by Penn Medicine anesthesiologist Mark-Alan Pizzini, is here to make mask-wearing a little more pleasant.

coronavirus vaccine process
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A Penn Behavioral Economist on Ways Philly Could Speed Up COVID-19 Vaccinations

Kevin Volpp, director of the Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics, shares five strategies the city could employ.

SmartClip Soft Tissue Marker
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This New Device Is Revolutionizing Breast Surgery at Fox Chase Cancer Center

The center is now using SmartClip Soft Tissue Marker, which provides 3D, GPS-like navigation to help surgeons extract tumors with more precision.

purlab covid-19 test kid
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You Can Order an At-Home COVID-19 Test on GoPuff

The saliva-based test will be delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less.

linnaeus therapeutics
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NextUp: The Philly-Area Company Developing New Treatment Options for Advanced Cancers

Launched at Penn’s UPstart incubator, Haddonfield’s Linnaeus Therapeutics is in the early stages of clinical trials for an anti-cancer drug.

coronavirus variants
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We Shouldn’t Be Surprised by COVID-19 Variants, Says Penn Coronavirus Expert

Microbiologist Susan Weiss explains why SARS-CoV-2 mutated, how these variants are different, and what it means for vaccines.