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We Shouldn’t Be Surprised by COVID-19 Variants, Says Penn Coronavirus Expert

Microbiologist Susan Weiss explains why SARS-CoV-2 mutated, how these variants are different, and what it means for vaccines.

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Is Your Sleep as Messed up as Ours These Days?

Two local sleep experts share why you’ve got insomnia or weird dreams, plus tips on how to get a better night’s sleep.

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Jiana Murdic is the Founder of Get Fresh Daily. Here’s How She Got Started.

Murdic blazed her own trail in health and nutrition education after working for organizations like The Food Trust and HipCityVeg.

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Rastelli Foods’ Product Director Spends Her Days Taste-Testing and Doing Morning Workouts

Brittany Rastelli, director of QVC product merchandising at Rastelli Foods, is a mother of two and a fitness enthusiast.

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Philly Fit Pro Jayel Lewis Just Launched a New Business. Here’s How She Got Started.

“The Fitness Curriculum” teaches trainers how to build and grow their fitness businesses.

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The Owner of Self Embodiment Fitness Finds Balance with Meal Prepping and Consistent Routines

Malcolm Pinder, owner of Self Embodiment Fitness, stays focused with the help of meal prepping and daily planning.

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The Road to Self-Discovery and Sobriety for Studio 34 Co-owner Adrienne Dolberry

Adrienne Dolberry, co-owner of Studio 34 in West Philly, shares how she came to run a wellness studio.

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Philly Fitness Studios Will Be Closed until August Due to Coronavirus

We spoke with the owners of four Philly fitness studios about the city’s decision to delay gym openings until at least August 1st.

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A Philly Therapist Wrote a Children’s Book about COVID-19

West Philly counselor and grief expert Jenny Delacruz talks about her new book, Momma, Can I Sleep with You Tonight?

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Is All This Screen Time Damaging Your Skin?

Local derms weigh in on whether blue light can harm more than just your eyes.

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This New Running Challenge Will Help You Explore Philly’s Hidden Gems

Rundiscover starts July 5th.

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This Philly-Area Run Coach Has Spent Quarantine — You Guessed It — Logging Miles

A week in the socially distanced life of Vanessa Peralta-Mitchell, run coach and liaison for Girls on the Run.

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This Philly Therapist Has Raised More Than $81K to Provide Free Therapy to the Black Community

Saleemah McNeil, founder of Oshun Family Center, is offering free racial trauma counseling to Black folks in and around Philadelphia.

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6 Fit Pros Share the Philly Studios They’ve Been Supporting While at Home

Here are the workout classes local instructors finally got a chance to try from home during quarantine.

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How Hally Bayer Opened Her Fitness Studio While Living with a Chronic Medical Condition

Hally Bayer shares how she opened Thrive Pilates while managing flare-ups from acute ulcerative colitis.