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David Murrell

Contributing Writer

Penn oscars
City Life

Overachiever Alert: Penn Student Wins Oscar While Still Enrolled In School

Claire Sliney is gunning to become the most accomplished Penn alum in showbiz. John Legend better watch out — even he didn’t win his Academy Award until after, y’know, graduation.

City Life

Philly-Inspired Tarot Cards From Viral Kickstarter Campaign On Sale Now

You can thank Philly Mag for commissioning the artwork that spawned the deck.

meek mill nba
City Life

Meek Mill Was the Real MVP of the NBA All-Star Game

Not only did he emcee the intro and shout out his hometown on Sunday, but he also made a long-distance shot — something Ben Simmons can’t even say he’s done this season.

cashless store bill
City Life

City Council’s Cashless Store Bill: Four Things to Know

The Kenney administration isn’t totally sold on the idea.

howard schultz philadelphia
City Life

Philly Activist Who Shared Starbucks Arrest Video Confronts Howard Schultz

Melissa DePino called out the former Starbucks CEO at the Free Library on Wednesday night.

love park souvenir
City Life

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Might Be a Hunk of LOVE Park Granite

Last time the city tried to sell a LOVE Park keepsake, it received a cease-and-desist from Robert Indiana’s foundation. Don’t worry: The new ones are copyright compliant.

gutmann media
City Life

Media-Shy Amy Gutmann Helped Produce Report Calling for Media Transparency

Former student journalists at Penn say the school’s president limited access to reporters.

kenney mayor
City Life

And They’re Off: Mayor Kenney Launches Reelection Bid

Philly’s had two-term mayors ever since Wilson Goode in 1984. But challengers are in the offing.

City Life

Journalists Union Declares No Confidence in Inquirer Publisher

The move is a significant escalation in the fight between publisher Terry Egger and NewsGuild members over their pension plan and stagnant salaries.

center city district trees
City Life

Here’s a Philly-Style Green New Deal You Can Actually Help With Today

The Center City District Foundation is currently sponsoring a fundraiser to plant 200 new trees on our downtown streets.

City Life

The Biggest Sports Busts in Philly History, Ranked

Markelle Fultz isn’t the only athlete who failed to live up to his potential here.

State of union philadelphia
City Life

Philly Pols Roast Trump After State of the Union Address

One state rep’s review: “The State of the Union is that it’s a shooting gallery controlled by ammosexual gundamentalists.”

City Life

CNN Declines to Renew Michael Nutter’s Punditry Contract

Good thing the former mayor has a bunch of other jobs to fall back on.

ice skating
City Life

Ice Skate for Free at Dilworth Park in February

You just have to stop by the Capital One Cafe in Rittenhouse first to grab a ticket.

steve klasko
City Life

Here’s What Steve Klasko Had to Say About His First Trip to Davos

The Jefferson CEO dishes on the future of healthcare in Philly and what some observers have called the “Decline of Davos.”