Ice Skate for Free at Dilworth Park in February

What's the catch, you ask? You just have to stop by the Capital One Café in Rittenhouse first to grab a ticket.

dilworth park ice skating

This could be you ice skating at Dilworth Park, for free! Photo from Facebook

February is a bad month. It is cold, dark, and lifeless. There are, however, some redeeming qualities. Namely: It is short. Better yet: You can ice skate for free at Dilworth Park for the next three weeks.

Because there’s no such thing as a truly free lunch, there is a small catch: Before you put on your skates at the Rothman Orthopaedics Ice Rink, you’ll need to make a quick stop at the Capital One Café in Rittenhouse to pick up your free ticket.

So it’s a minor detour in the name of sponsorship. You’re still saving $5 a ticket, or $3 for kids! (Skate rentals aren’t included in the discount.)

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There are a host of other events happening at Dilworth Park throughout February as well: Quizzo on Tuesday nights at 6 p.m.; a happy hour on Wednesdays at 5 p.m.; and karaoke nights on Friday. You can check out the rink’s hours here.

The free skating deal runs until February 24, when the entire ice rink shuts down. Get there while you can — February will be gone before you know it.