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David Murrell

Contributing Writer

City Life

This Map Says You’re Probably Being a Jerk to Your Republican Neighbor

Philadelphia County is more politically intolerant than 95 percent of the country, according to a new map published by the Atlantic.

bryce harper phillies
City Life

Now That He’s Free of D.C., Bryce Harper Can Finally Become a Superstar

Ever since high school, he’s been prophesied as baseball’s version of LeBron James. In Philly, he can fulfill that destiny.

john hickenlooper president
City Life

Presidential Hopeful John Hickenlooper Has a Great Name — and Ties to Philly

The onetime Colorado governor and newly announced candidate is native of Narberth.

dockless vehicles
City Life

Brace Yourself: The Dockless Bike and Scooter Scourge Is Coming

The city and state are clearing the way for new forms of rentable transport, but the experience of other cities shows that dockless could be more dystopia than utopia.

snow philadelphia
City Life

New Day, New Storm: The Latest on School Closings and Transit Delays

City government is open for business. Not so for Archdiocese schools, which have the full day off, and the Philadelphia School District, running on a two-hour delay.

snow philadelphia
City Life

Philly Manages to Have a Non-Freakout Snow Storm

We’ve already got more snow than in last month’s Total City Shutdown, but nary a bread shelf was cleared.

City Life

Don’t Cry for Nick, Philadelphia. The Truth Is He’ll Never Leave Us.

Nick Foles is officially a free agent, but we will never stop loving our soft-spoken, strong-armed savior.

google search healthcare
City Life

Does Google Know When You’re Sick? A Penn Study Counts the Clicks

Could your online searches predict an imminent ER visit? That’s one futuristic (dystopian?) possibility raised by Penn Med researcher Jeremy Asch in a recent study.

septa trolley tunnel blitz
City Life

Why Fate of SEPTA’s Big Plans Depends on Outcome of Pa. Turnpike Lawsuit

You may want to put your dreams of new trolleys and updated subway cars on hold.

jim kenney cell phone
City Life

Kenney’s Deleted Messages: Not a Conspiracy, but the Law Losing to Tech

The mayor deleting all of his text messages isn’t a good look. But the real story here is about the challenges of record-keeping in a paper-free era — and the city’s failure to adapt.

Penn oscars
City Life

Overachiever Alert: Penn Student Wins Oscar While Still Enrolled In School

Claire Sliney is gunning to become the most accomplished Penn alum in showbiz. John Legend better watch out — even he didn’t win his Academy Award until after, y’know, graduation.

City Life

Philly-Inspired Tarot Cards From Viral Kickstarter Campaign On Sale Now

You can thank Philly Mag for commissioning the artwork that spawned the deck.

meek mill nba
City Life

Meek Mill Was the Real MVP of the NBA All-Star Game

Not only did he emcee the intro and shout out his hometown on Sunday, but he also made a long-distance shot — something Ben Simmons can’t even say he’s done this season.

cashless store bill
City Life

City Council’s Cashless Store Bill: Four Things to Know

The Kenney administration isn’t totally sold on the idea.

howard schultz philadelphia
City Life

Philly Activist Who Shared Starbucks Arrest Video Confronts Howard Schultz

Melissa DePino called out the former Starbucks CEO at the Free Library on Wednesday night.