Alex Tewfik

Food Editor


Drexel Is Making Culinary School Mean Something Again

While culinary schools around the country are closing, Drexel’s is going for broke. 


Wm. Mulherin’s Chef Chris Painter Suspended Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

The industry vet had already been working a weekends-only schedule after an incident with an employee.

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Chef Kris Serviss Lands on His Feet in the Northeast With a New Sandwich Shop

The chef is rallying back — first with a new sandwich shop, and later down the line, a new BYOB.


5 Philly Restaurants for a Strangely Warm February

It’s 70 degrees, people. Do something about it.


El Merkury, a Central American Restaurant and Churro Bar, Will Open in Rittenhouse

The new restaurant will take over the recently closed Agno Grill on Chestnut Street.


Drexel Chef Conference Adds a New Panel Discussion on the Role of the Restaurant Critic

And they’re bringing some big-shot food writers — Helen Rosner, Joshua David SteinStephen Satterfield and Priya Krishna  — to talk it out.


Big Gay Ice Cream’s New Cheat-Ohs Soft Serve Is Here for Presidents’ Day

The new flavor is available now through President’s Day.


WATCH: Fork’s Eli Kulp Speaks Out on Life After the Train Accident

In a personal video and essay, the talented chef who’d been paralyzed in 2015’s Amtrak crash speaks candidly about what came —and what’s still to come — after the collision.


Bistrot La Minette’s Peter Woolsey to Open a New French Restaurant on North Broad

The Francophile chef finds a new home inside North Broad Street’s new luxury apartment complex, Hanover North Broad.


Eat This Now: Serpico’s Dry-Aged Duck Mole

It might be the best duck dish in Philly right now. It’s also the dish that defines what Peter Serpico does best.


When Did Tipping Your Barista Get So Damn Complicated?

To tip, or not to tip.


Audrey Claire Taichman to Sell Her Rittenhouse Restaurants to Rouge Owner

Audrey Claire and Twenty Manning Grill are now in the capable hands of Rouge’s Rob Wasserman.


Chef Jeff Michaud Leaves URBN, Takes Osteria With Him

The James Beard award-winning chef leaves his corporate role with the mega-retailer, and, backed by prolific restaurateur Michael Schulson, buys the restaurant he originally opened.


D.C.’s Fancy Radish Is What Happens When Philly’s Best Veggie Restaurants Make a Baby

In the nation’s capital, Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby will take two successful Philly concepts and combine them into one.


Philly’s New Food Establishment

Fifteen chefs, owners and doers who are re-creating Philly’s food scene.