Penn Study: Paying Patients, Doctors Leads to Lower Cholesterol

(Irenaphoto/Shutterstock )

(Irenaphoto/Shutterstock )

What’s the best way to lower people’s cholesterol? Offer financial rewards to both patients and doctors when people take their allotted medications at the appropriate times. That was the main finding from a recently published University of Pennsylvania-led study.

It’s easy to understand why a financial reward gives patients incentives to take their medicine (typically statins like Lipitor). But why pay doctors too? Read more »

West Philly Rising

A rendering of the under construction FMC tower and the growing West Philly skyline. | Pelli Clarke Pelli/Brandywine Realty Trust.

A rendering of the under construction FMC tower and the growing West Philly skyline. | Pelli Clarke Pelli/Brandywine Realty Trust.

Each year, the University City District compiles, in a glossy report, the vital signs for the eastern half of West Philly. For a while now, the trend lines have been strong. But this year, the numbers are truly staggering. Read more »

WATCH: College Protesters: “We Are #Mizzou”

A crowd of about 300 took to the middle of Broad Street Thursday evening to make a point about student debt and racial inequality.

As part of the Million Student March taking place nationwide, students from Temple, Penn, Community College of Philadelphia, and Drexel began at their own campuses and then converged at City Hall. Their demands are familiar: $15 an hour minimum wage, student debt forgiveness, and free education.

But much of the protest’s focus was on race, especially in light of the recent unrest at the University of Missouri and Yale University. Read more »

How Penn Just Ushered In the Apocalypse

We saw the writing (ha!) on the wall back in May, when Penn announced it would no longer be considering applicants’ scores on the essay portion of the SAT while pondering whom to admit to its hallowed halls. We winced a bit when we saw that the comments beneath a recent Daily Princetonian article on a student’s attempted suicide had devolved into a flame-throwing, name-calling brawl over whether “the person allegedly hanged themselves” was grammatically proper or not. We fell into a fever when we watched a privileged young Yalie scream at a professor to “SHUT UP!,” then fainted dead away when we read another Yale student’s defense of said screaming in the student newspaper, which featured the immortal line, “I don’t want to debate. I want to talk about my pain.” Really, we’d like to see that tattooed on every incoming Ivy League frosh.

Read more »

Penn, Are You Serious About Not Revoking Bill Cosby’s Honorary Degree?

Actor Bill Cosby visits with athletes during the games of the 2011 Penn Relays on April 30, 2011, at Franklin Field.

Actor Bill Cosby visits with athletes during the games of the 2011 Penn Relays on April 30, 2011, at Franklin Field.

When the Association of American Universities released its survey on sexual assault in September, Penn President Amy Gutmann called the findings “deeply troubling.”

Deeply troubling, indeed. Although the numbers weren’t unique to Penn — results were “deeply troubling” across the board — that didn’t make them any easier to take in.

A staggering 27 percent of undergraduate women who responded to the survey reported that they had been sexually assaulted at Penn. A full two-thirds reported that they were subject to sexual harassment. Less than half said they thought it was “very or extremely likely” that Penn would take a report of sexual assault seriously, and only about a third were confident that the university would conduct a fair investigation.

To summarize: Women at Penn are being sexually assaulted in alarming numbers, and they don’t trust Penn to do anything about it.

Is now a good time to mention that Bill Cosby still holds an honorary degree from the University of Pennsylvania? Because he does. Although a number of institutions have revoked Cosby’s honors after more than 50 women have accused him of sexual assault, Penn declined to do so on Friday. Read more »

Penn Makes Highly Dubious List of 20 Prettiest Colleges on Earth

The “BuzzFeed community” has ranked the Most Beautiful College Campuses in the World, and the good news is that Penn is on the list, at number 13, represented by photos of a snow-covered Quad and the LOVE statue. The bad news is that the Most Beautiful College in the World is someplace called Berry College in Mount Berry, Georgia, where 2,000 lucky students get to wallow in glory that surpasses that of every other college campus on earth. (Berry’s photos show a grandiose quad with a reflecting pool and very bad grass, as well as a Teutonic-looking farm.) Read more »

Penn Cracks Nation’s Top 10 in Private Donations

Terracotta Heraldry on the Duhring Wing. | Steven Minicola, University of Pennsylvania Communications.

Terracotta Heraldry on the Duhring Wing.
| Steven Minicola, University of Pennsylvania Communications.

The University of Pennsylvania ranked seventh among private U.S. colleges in private giving in 2014, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Penn garnered $483,569,483 in private gifts, as reported by the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s Philanthropy 400 project, just ahead of Columbia’s $469,968,713 and behind Cornell (Cornell?!?), which took in $546,087,720. Read more »

Satullo Lands at Annenberg Center

Chris Satullo

Chris Satullo

Chris Satullo, the former WHYY radio news honcho who left the station last month, has landed in a familiar spot: At Penn.

The Annenberg Center for Public Policy at the University of Pennsylvania announced today that Satullo is joining as a “professional in residence” for the Spring 2016 semester. “He will work on a project involving the intersection of media and civic engagement,” the center said in a statement. Read more »

Daily Pennsylvanian: Revoke Bill Cosby’s Honorary Degree


The image the DP used for its editorial. Note the Temple sweatshirt.

While other universities across the country have revoked Bill Cosby’s honorary degrees in the wake of the accusations against him, the University of Pennsylvania, which gave him a degree in 1990, remains mum. Now the Daily Pennsylvanian has put out a clear call for the university to act, arguing that though Cosby denies the allegations and has not been convicted of a crime, “he is no longer deserving of the honor.” Further, the editorial notes, “The University is not a court. It does not require legal precedence or jurisdiction in order to take a stand against someone or something that does not uphold its core values.”

The editorial connects the university’s non-action on Cosby to the larger problem of sexual assault on college campuses, and the message it sends to student victims: Read more »

Penn Offering a James Franco-Inspired Class Next Spring

Next spring, students at Penn will be able to take a course inspired by the literary recommendations of actor James Franco. Taught by English Department professor Jean-Christophe Cloutier, the description for “Recommended By James Franco (Mostly)” explains the class as a “springboard for surveying representative texts from the 20th and 21st centuries, with an emphasis on the more recent works.”

According to the The Daily Pennsylvanian, Cloutier created the class after hearing Franco’s name pop up in discussions with students about literature. Plus, Cloutier kind of digs what the Pineapple Express star is doing on a cultural front.

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