Why Wal-Mart Is Going After Seniors at Penn

How many Penn students want to work for Wal-Mart once they graduate? Probably very few (if any), but the company is on a mission to change that. This fall, Wal-Mart has been camping out at Penn in a brightly colored recruitment RV to send a message to some of the country’s brightest students: Work for Wal-Mart!

According to Bloomberg, the company is trying to reinvent itself to rival the growing threat of Amazon, and a big tactic is its new focus on talent at the nation’s top schools. The company recently overhauled its student recruitment program to specifically attract graduates who typically get offers from big names like Goldman Sachs and Google.  Read more »

Penn’s New Guide to Commercializing Tech a Good Step for Philly

PCI’s Commercialization Guide.

Philly’s been working to boost the rate at which it commercializes tech, and a shiny new resource from the Penn Center for Innovation (PCI) signals the continued push.

PCI calls it the Commercialization Guide — a nearly 40-page booklet that lists everything a researcher or entrepreneur could possibly ever need to know about tech commercialization. Questions like, “How on earth do I license my technology?” and “Why create a startup anyway?” are all addressed in plain language.

For starters, the guide defines tech commercialization or tech transfer as the “creation of business relationships between the university and the commercial sector for the purpose of creating products and services based on discoveries invented at the university.” And those relationships can take the form of licensing deals, industry partnerships, and the formation of startups.  Read more »

Penn Jumps Into Top 10 in World University Rankings

Penn campus

Photo: Brian Y.W. Shin (license)

The University of Pennsylvania climbed seven spots this year to rank among the top 10 universities in the world, per Times Higher Education.

The West Philly school tied for 10th with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich in the 2018 World University Rankings, which included 1,000 universities in total. Last year, Penn ranked 17th. Read more »

Groundbreaking Penn Cancer Therapy Gets FDA Approval


In what the FDA is a calling a “historic action,” the federal administration on Wednesday approved the country’s first gene therapy treatment that can be used to fight cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and CHOP have been developing the therapy, called CAR T, for years. It’s been deemed the next frontier of cancer treatment because it uses patients’ own genetically immune cells to attack the disease. Standard immunotherapies have involved injections of synthetic substances intended to create various cancer-attacking reactions in the immune system.  Read more »

Penn Students Can Now Get Dirt Cheap Uber Rides

Uber has landed another deal with a Philadelphia-area institution and the new collaboration represents the company’s first partnership with an Ivy League school.

The company announced on Monday that Penn students, faculty, and staff now have the option to use the app for special promotions. This includes rider discounts for a limited time. All uberPOOL rides on campus between August 28 and September 3 will cost $0.99. The discount will automatically apply once the app is opened.

The company will also create a dedicated pick-up area at the Palestra that will include custom signage and in-app integration, similar to the set-up for Philadelphia’s 30th Street station. Major buildings on campus will also get streamlined in-app pickup points. If a rider inputs a particular dorm or academic building, the app will suggest a specific location to meet their driver.  Read more »

A Black Face in a White Space: My Four Years at Penn

Illustration by Matt Clough

My first day of class at the University of Pennsylvania was an introduction unlike anything I could have predicted. It was my fourth day living on the East Coast — I was born in the Midwest and grew up in the South — and the third time I got lost around campus. Penn felt like a huge kingdom filled with the kinds of mini-castles you’d find in Harry Potter books. The historic towers had real ivy that climbed the walls. Campus lawns and gardens were elaborate displays of exotic horticulture. It was everything I imagined it would look like, but better.

There were a few yard workers tending to the lawn as the sun began to rise. They looked at me strangely as I skipped across Locust Walk all by myself. One of the men asked if I was lost, and I told him I was headed to class. Read more »

Penn Prof Faces Backlash for Saying “Not All Cultures Are Created Equal”

amy wax, penn

L: Amy Wax via Penn Law

A professor at the University of Pennsylvania is being harshly criticized for calling for the “re-embrace of bourgeois norms” in an op-ed published Thursday on Philly.com.

In the piece, Penn Law School professor Amy Wax and co-author Larry Alexander, a University of San Diego law professor, attempt to tie what they call the “breakdown of the country’s bourgeois culture” to an overgeneralized list of societal ills, such as “Too few Americans are qualified for the jobs available,” “Opioid abuse is widespread,” and “Homicidal violence plagues inner cities.”  Read more »

How to Book the Nittany Lion and Other Pennsylvania College Mascots for Your Wedding

Photo by Ovation Images Photography

If you and your fiancé(e) met a college, why not consider surprising your wedding guests with an appearance by your mascot? From the UPenn Quaker to the Penn State Nittany Lion, here’s how to bring the ultimate form of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia-area school spirit to your wedding (or other large party that several fellow alumni will be attending).  Read more »

Penn Med Students Create App to Address LGBTQ Health Disparities

The SpectrumScores Team (L-R): Naveen Jain, Phil Williams, and Jun Jeon

Three University of Pennsylvania medical students have created an app that they hope will put an end to LGBTQ healthcare disparities.

SpectrumScores, being developed by Phil Williams, Jun Jeon, and Naveen Jain, plans to connect LGBTQ patients with the right providers to meet their unique needs. The concept came from the team’s shared negative experiences with providers they described as “well-meaning but under-informed” coupled with their understanding of “how much of a significant impact an LGBTQ competent provider can make.” Read more »

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