Franklin Field Has a New Track — And You Can Run On It

Franklin Field - New Track

Photo | Dan McQuade

Penn athletics officials were curious to see what would happen when workers dug up the old track. What would be below?

It turns out there was quite a bit of history there.

“What was beneath it were the original cinders from this track back in 1895,” said C.K. Buddington, director of the Friends of the Penn Relays. “The cinders that Jesse Owens, Paavo Nurmi — and some of our great friends who are members of the Wall of Fame on the far turn (Charlie Jenkins, Ron Delany from Villanova, Josh Culbreath from Oregon State) — ran on. All these people ran on these cinders. They built the legacy of this event.”

The cinders are gone. And the previous rubberized track is gone. Franklin Field has been hosting meets since the 1800s, and it now has its fastest running surface ever. Penn athletics officials unveiled the new track surface today, about seven years after the project was first studied. The track is now re-open to community members who wish to run on it. Read more »

U.S. News: Penn 14th Among “Global” Universities


Penn ranks among the world’s very best universities, according to the latest ranking from U.S. News & World Report.

The magazine ranked Penn 14th on its list of “Best Global Universities,” tied with Ivy League neighbor Yale, and one spot behind Princeton. The best university overall was Harvard; the best non-U.S. university was Oxford, in the United Kingdom.
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Spread The Word: Spread Bagelry to Open at UPenn

Spread BagelrySpread Bagelry, famous for it’s “Montreal style” bagels made with organic ingredients, is expanding to a new location in University of Pennsylvania’s retail district at 36th and Chestnut Streets.

Spread, the Philadelphia-based eatery currently located in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood at South 20th Street (it’s easy to find: just look for the lines), offers a diverse menu of bagel sandwiches like their wood-oven melts, New York style Pastrami and a bunch of different breakfast sandwiches.

All bagels are made “the Montreal way,” which means hand-rolled and boiled in honey water, then baked in small batches in a wood-fired brick oven. And the stuff Spread puts on the bagels (always made with organic, seasonal, local, farm-fresh ingredients), ain’t too bad either.

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Kane Unveils New “Porngate” Emails

Kathleen Kane

Good morning, Philadelphia. Here’s what you need to know today.

• The more trouble Kathleen Kane has, the more “Porngate” emails she releases.

The same day she was hit with a second perjury charge in her grand jury secrecy case, Kathleen Kane’s office turned over 1,500 previously unreleased “Porngate” emails to the Judicial Conduct Board — these emails associated with an account belonging to Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Michael Eakin.

Kane said the email account contained “racial, misogynistic pornography” and told the Associated Press: “That means that your system, your criminal justice system that you think you have and you think you deserve is not working properly.” The scandal may not end for a long time, yet; there are still a reported 6,000 emails that her office has not yet released. Read more »

Rendell: Nutter Mishandled Papal Visit

Good morning, Philadelphia. Here is what you need to know today.

• Ed Rendell says Mayor Nutter mishandled the papal visit.

You knew Ed Rendell wouldn’t keep his opinions to himself for long. Tuesday, he threw Mayor Nutter under the proverbial bus for his administration’s handling of papal visit preparations, criticizing everything from poor restaurant sales to the lockdown security. Nutter had previously blamed the media for depressing turnout for the visit.

They did things very, very well on the one hand. On the other hand, we’re starting to get tremendous blowback, and not just from reporters,” Rendell said of Nutter’s administration, talking to Rich Zeoli on WPHT. “The reporters just basically reported what the Secret Service and the Mayor and the Police Commissioner said. I don’t think they can be blamed in creating fear in people’s minds.” Read more »

Jose Andres Brings Beefsteak to Philly


A healthy lunch from Beefsteak

World-renowned chef Jose Andres makes his debut in Philadelphia by bringing his vegetarian, fast-food concept, Beefsteak to the University of Pennsylvania campus in early 2016.

Beefsteak – a name with a twist for a vegetable heavy menu – offers a selection of veggie bowls from original, chef-inspired combinations or simply made to order. The main ingredient here is the vegetables that showcase the seasons, as well as, year-round favorites. Beefsteak’s veggie bowls offer a variety of combinations prepared in a flash and blanched to order.

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OKCupid: Penn Students Have Low Sex Drive


OKCupid has a lot of users, and a treasure trove of data about them. Every once in a while, they release data in a cutesy way, and we get to laugh at the non-scientific correlations made from the data. It’s fun! In many ways it’s much more fun than dating.

The latest release from OKC is an analysis of the habits of the top 20 colleges in the country (at least according to U.S. News and World Report).

And we learned one very important fact from about the University of Pennsylvania: Its students have low sex drives. At the very least, Penn kids say they have less sex than members of other elite colleges, universities and Princeton.

So are Penn kids just too focused on finance to hook up? Is there something in the water in West Philly? Can I use this as an excuse for an extraordinary dry spell my junior year of college at Penn? (I know the answer to that last one!) Read more »

Penn Slips in New Colleges Rankings from U.S. News & World Report

It’s that time of year again — when college students go back to school, see old friends and probably hit the year’s first party. It’s also the time of year when U.S. News & World Report publishes its annual ranking of colleges.

The University of Pennsylvania is always a top contender, but this year had a slip in the rankings. In fact, it was the only school from last year’s top 10 to shift at all, dropping from a tie at No. 8 to No. 9.  Read more »

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