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Hallelujah! Center City Is Getting New Trash Cans… And They’re Free

Philadelphia City Council approved a tentative deal to bring 275 new trash compactors to Center City on Thursday and all we can say is it’s […]


Don’t Like Philadelphia’s Littered Streets? Adopt a Block

Not in Philly quietly launched late last year and the site is quickly proving to be a genius community-built answer to a better-looking and better-smelling […]

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Kenney Creates Trash Cabinet to Make Philly Cleaner … by 2035

Mayor Jim Kenney has signed an executive order that aims to make the city a little less dirty. The order will allow for the creation of a 16-member Zero […]

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Only One State Has More Trash Per Capita Than Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is very, very trashy. At least that’s according to data from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program, which energy company used to conduct an […]

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Trash and Recycling Picked Up Today, After All

So, you may have noticed that there weren’t the predicted four-to-eight inches of snow on the ground in Philadelphia when you woke up this morning. […]

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Is Pennsylvania America’s Dumping Ground?

Saying that Pennsylvania has become one of America’s top importers of other states’ trash, Sen. Bob Casey has introduced a bill that would let officials […]


Fix This: The Embarrassing Metaphor That Is the Trash-Filled Municipal Services Building Sign

This September, as many as two million people (and maybe more) will bum-rush Philadelphia to see Pope Francis. Lots of them will walk by the Municipal […]


The No-Bullshit Guide to a Litter-Free Block

Philadelphia’s reputation as one of the filthiest cities in the nation is old and well-deserved. City Hall should be doing more to fix the problem. […]


How the Big Blue Bin Has Made Recycling Awfully Expensive

A recent story in the Washington Post headlined “American Recycling Is Stalling” sent a shockwave through environmentalist circles. America’s recycling business, once lucrative for both cities […]

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Pedal-Operated BigBelly Trash Cans Are Coming to Philly

Lots of Philadelphians hate, hate, hate the city’s BigBelly trash cans. Yes, Mayor Michael Nutter says they save taxpayers lots of money. Yes, they alert the city […]

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Blondell Reynolds Brown Says Philly Should Be More Like Disneyland — Where Litter Is Concerned

Philadelphia City Council passed two bills Thursday in hopes of making “Filthadelphia” a little more like Disneyland.

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Here’s Why Your Trash Is Being Picked Up Late in Philly

Has your trash been picked up late in the past few months? If so, you’re not alone. In the last two years, a whopping 80,000 households in […]


Can Disneyland Help Clean Up “Filthadelphia”?

Ever since Disneyland opened 60 years ago, cleanliness has been a virtue. Walt Disney designed the park so that visitors have trash cans at every turn — you’re never more […]