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a philadelphia snow plow, which will soon be trackable by residents on PlowPHL, an upcoming Philadelphia snow plow-tracking app
City Life

You’ll Soon Be Able to Track Philly’s Snowplows on Your Phone

Hooray! There’s actually a significant amount of snow in Philadelphia. This means my kids get a real live snow day. But it also means something […]

spruce street, bike lane
City Life

City Weighs Plans to Revamp Spruce and Pine Bike Lanes

Roughly four months after a 24-year-old cyclist was struck and killed by a trash truck on Spruce Street, officials say they are considering moving the Spruce and Pine […]

City Life

How Snowstorms Help Philadelphia Redesign Its Streets

Apparently all the snow we’re getting this March could be good for something. A story published in the Boston Globe on Thursday highlighted an unexpected […]

overpass, truck, tractor trailer
City Life

WATCH: Truck Hits Philly Overpass, Drags Damaged Roof for 3 Miles

File under Bizarre Philly Happenings. Police say a tractor trailer dragged its mangled metal roof around the city for more than three miles after hitting an overpass on […]

City Life

Traffic Lights Out? City Says Power Outages, Heavy Rain to Blame

Traffic lights out near you? You’re not alone. Drivers and pedestrians are reporting a plethora of traffic light outages across the city on Monday, including in […]

trash can, trashcan, bigbelly
City Life

Philly Just Got Bigbelly Trash Cans You Don’t Have to Touch

This summer, we were thrilled to tell you 275 new trash cans were on their way to Philly. You would think new trash cans wouldn’t be […]

Columbus Boulevard in South Philadelphia

Why Is It Delaware “Avenue” but Columbus “Boulevard”?

One of the more confusing aspects of Philadelphia to newcomers is the name of the street that runs parallel to the Delaware River from the […]

City Life

The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Philadelphia’s Streets Are Made of … Wood?

City Life

The 25 Most Beautiful Philly Streets

Okay, so Philly may have a bit of a garbage problem, but let’s give credit where it’s due here: Trash or no, the place isn’t […]

Edmond Beacon Way (It Should be Edmund Bacon Way)
City Life

Ed Bacon’s First, Last Names Misspelled on Street Sign

In May of 1998, City Council passed a resolution honoring a stretch of Dock Street with a secondary name: Edmund Bacon Way. It was named […]

City Life

Should Drivers Be Able to Sue Pa. Over Pothole Damage?

After this past winter, many of Pennsylvania’s roads are littered with potholes — and many of Pennsylvania’s cars are suffering for it. “In my area, the pothole situation is […]

City Life

Readers Respond: Here Are 12 More Funny Philadelphia Street Names:

You can’t write a list without someone commenting that you missed something — and that’s exactly what happened with our Big List of Funny Philadelphia Street […]

City Life

The Big List of Funny Philadelphia Street Names

[UPDATE] We heard your suggestions and have published an addendum to the original list: Readers Respond:Here Are 12 More Funny Philadelphia Street Names.  Philadelphia has a lot of […]

Utility trench or Pothole at 18th and walnut rittenhouse
City Life

Welcome to Pothole Hell, Philadelphia

Now that this brutal winter has had its way with us — and I’m just going to pretend that there’s not an entire month of […]

City Life

Turbulent Weather Creating Pothole Epidemic in Philly

Remember last week, when a “polar vortex” hit Philadelphia, and sent temperatures plunging to 3 degrees? Remember how the vortex went away, and by the […]