Traffic Lights Out? City Says Power Outages, Heavy Rain to Blame

Issues were reported at six busy intersections in University City as well as several locations in Center City.

Traffic lights out near you?

You’re not alone. Drivers and pedestrians are reporting a plethora of traffic light outages across the city on Monday, including in Center City, University City, Old City, and Spring Garden.

A spokesperson for the Streets Department, which is responsible for maintaining the city’s traffic lights, said crews investigated several outages in the morning (including at six intersections in University City) and blamed the malfunctions on power outages.

Afia Ohene-Frempong, a spokesperson for PECO, said the company is currently investigating and working on repairing those outages. Ohene-Frempong said most of the outages are “coincidental” and that the recent rainy weather is to blame for the delay in getting them fixed. After heavy rain, crews have to wait for manholes “drain” before they can go underground to fix outages, Ohene-Frempong said.

In the meantime, the city is working on finding an alternative source or generator to power the lights, per the Streets Department. Police officers are directing traffic at several locations.

University City is plagued by power outages at at least six intersections, including 34th and Market streets, 38th and Walnut streets, 39th and Walnut streets, 40th and Walnut streets, 34th and Chestnut streets, and 38th and Chestnut streets.

Other outages have been reported through the Philly 311 app in Center City at 12th and Race streets, 15th and Market streets, Broad and Green streets, 9th and Chestnut streets, and 16th and Callowhill streets, and in Old City at 3rd and Chestnut streets.

Several traffic lights along Spring Garden Street were reportedly out as well this morning.