Readers Respond: Here Are 12 More Funny Philadelphia Street Names:

We heard you. And now we have even more funny Philadelphia street names for you to peruse.


You can’t write a list without someone commenting that you missed something — and that’s exactly what happened with our Big List of Funny Philadelphia Street Names in this week’s Philadelphia Sunday. But that’s good! Because our readers came up with a bunch more funny Philadelphia street names that I neglected to include in my first edition.

I compiled some of your suggestions from comments and tweets, and now we have an appendix to the original article. Enjoy!

Dorcas Street, Northeast Philly: Okay, I guess this sounds like Dork Ass Street. But fellow commenter Clara refuted Morris Day (probably not the real Morris Day), who was embarrassed to have grown up on the street: “You shouldn’t be embarrassed; Dorcas was a name of a woman in the New Testament of the Bible who did good deeds (her story is in Acts 9:36-42)! Try living on a street named Robat (Tabor spelled backwards)!”

Robat Street, Olney: This is Tabor spelled backwards. I assume this is tough for pizza delivery men. “Robot Street?”

Hope Street, River Wards: Sadly, there is no Cash Street or Jobs Street. Hope Street also exists in North Philly.

Wyalusing Avenue, West Philly: I will just steal the comments of the commenter here: Wyalusing Avenue? Why-not-a-lusing-avenue! (Incidentally, the funniest street name in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey is Forget-Me-Not-Road.)

King Arthur Road, Northeast Philly: There’s a section of single homes in Northeast Philly off Red Lion Road near Roosevelt Boulevard where some streets are named after Arthurian characters. There’s also Merlin Road and Galahad Road.

Garth Road, Philadelphia: Also in that development is a street called “Garth Road,” which is maybe supposed to be Gareth? Either way, party on!

Glen Campbell Road, Northwest Philly: I must quote Forgotten NY’s post on the subject from October 2013: “Glen Campbell Road, in the northwest Philadelphia Roxborough neighborhood, isn’t named for the country music singer of ‘Galveston’ and ‘Wichita Lineman’ fame. It’s nested amidst a number of streets with Scottish themes, like Lomond, Inverness, and Scotia. I doubt Campbell himself has ever heard of it.” Aw.

Wingohocking Street, North Philly: This street is named after the Wingohocking Creek, which was sewered in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. That’s why Tacony Creek changes to Frankford Creek in the middle of the stream — it used to be joined at the point where the name changes by the Wingohocking. (The poor infill after sewering the creek led, of course, to the Sinking Homes of Logan.) The outlet of the Wingohocking Sewer is 21 feet high and 24 feet wide — the largest in the city! Per some accounts, the creek was named after Chief Wingohocking. Other accounts say it’s a Lenni Lenape word for the creek. Also, this is a fun word to say.

Buist Avenue, Southwest Philly: Pronounced “B-you-ist.”

Lindbergh Boulevard, Southwest Philly: This was named for aviator Charles Lindbergh when he toured Philadelphia after his transatlantic flight. That’s all you had to do to get a street named for you in those days, tour Philly? I look forward to Pope Francis Street.

Tulpehocken Street, West Philly: Tulpehocken is probably best known as a historic train station designed by Frank Furness. It was restored with the use of stimulus funds five years ago, helped along by a dedicated group of neighbors.

Wood Pipe Lane, Northwest Philly: Wood Pipe Lane! What a fun street name.

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