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property taxes

homes in philadelphia that might want to take advantage of the philadelphia property assessment appeal process
City Life

Philly Today: Can We Talk About These Ridiculous Property Assessments for a Moment?

And Now, Let Us Hate on Philly’s Property Assessments If you own a home in Philadelphia, you probably just received a piece of mail from […]

philadelphia property tax
City Life

The So-Philly Tale of How the City Nearly Sold My House Without Telling Me

In July of 2017, when I was eight months pregnant with my second child, my husband and I learned, rather by chance, that the city […]


Will Tax Abatement Reform Trade Short-Term Gain for Long-Term Pain?

Just about all of the declared candidates for Philadelphia City Council seats next month have proposed changes to the 10-year tax abatement on new construction […]

darrell clarke property tax assessments
City Life

Audit Claims City Botched Latest Property Tax Assessments

City Council is calling for a complete overhaul of leadership in the city agency tasked with overseeing property tax assessments. The push comes as City […]

2019 predictions new houses under construction west philly

5 Things We Hope (or Fear) Will Happen: Our 2019 Wish and Worry List

Now that the final chapter of 2018 is being written, it’s time to turn our gaze ahead into the year to come. We already identified […]

City Life

City Council Calls for Audit of Philly’s Skyrocketing Property Tax Assessments

In case you missed it, Philly property tax assessments came out this month — and chances are, your bill is going way up. Overall, assessments for […]

City Life

Allan Domb’s New Year’s Resolutions to Recover Millions for Philly

Since taking office two years ago, my core mission in City Council has been to help Philadelphia collect delinquent taxes, improve our schools, broaden our […]

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City Life

Against Philly’s Wishes, Pa. Inches Toward Property Tax Reform

Those who exercised their democratic right in Pennsylvania yesterday had the chance to answer the following ballot question: Shall the Pennsylvania Constitution be amended to permit the […]

contract, src, school district, teachers
City Life

Teachers’ Contract Could Mean 3,800 Layoffs or 16 Percent Property Tax Hike

The School Reform Commission voted earlier this week to approve a contract between the School District of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers.


Tax Abatement Huge Shot in Arm for City, Study Finds

Consider the 10-year property tax abatements on new construction and rehabilitation a down payment on a future gusher in revenue for the city thanks to […]


Got Little Ones? Living in the City Will Save You a Bundle

If you’re in a family way, and you’re looking for a place that can accommodate your new arrival, you might want to read this, for […]

City Life

Shop Your Property Taxes Away

On a sidewalk bench in Haddonfield, across Kings Highway from the Bistro, two frosty-haired high-heeled ladies are locked in perpetual conversation. Cast in bronze — […]


Will Harrisburg Go Nuclear on Property Taxes?

Even though property taxes in Philadelphia remain low relative to the rest of the region, and much of the Commonwealth, many homeowners were upset when […]

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City Life

Pew: Tax Gap Between Philly and Suburbs Is Shrinking

It’s not great – but it’s getting better. A new Pew Charitable Trusts report found that the tax disadvantage of living in Philly has dropped […]


The No-Bullshit Guide to the Fight Over the Philly Soda Tax

For the third time in less than 10 years, Philadelphia City Council is reaching the end of a debate on whether to impose a tax on […]