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property taxes


Which Neighborhood Has the Most Deadbeat Landlords?

Philly has 10 City Council districts, and according to data analysis by NewsWorks, one of them leads the rest in property tax delinquencies. But it’s […]


City’s Chief Assessor Disappointed By Quality of AVI Appeals

Let’s start with the bad news about Philadelphia’s never-ending property assessment saga: Richie McKeithen, the city’s chief assessor, says that out of the approximately 31,000 […]


Very Cool AVI Map Tool With Patriotic Colors and Your Address

As always, we must remind you that there are no solid numbers yet, we don’t know the tax rate, nothing is resolved, and this is […]

AVI property assessment

Property Video: A Soothing Step-By-Step Guide to the First AVI Appeal

Did you receive a property assessment in the mail in mid-February? Did you look at it and think, “That’s ridiculous–this house isn’t worth $XXX,XXX” and […]


End the Fear: New AVI Information and Outreach Sessions Announced

Another day, another Actual Value Initiative panic attack. But fear not: Here’s a list of the latest drop-in outreach sessions and, as an added bonus […]


AVI: Employing the Fine Art of Understatement

Philadelphia’s AVI debacle is beginning to garner national attention. Last week the Wall Street Journal ran a story headlined “City’s Tax Plan Vexes Homeowners”. The […]


End the Fear: Here Are Some Upcoming AVI Information Sessions

Hey, Philadelphians: For the sake of the city representatives who come to the meetings to answer questions and do outreach, go easy. They’re probably just […]


End the Fear: How to Read the AVI Notice That Came in the Mail

We realize that Mayor Nutter’s Actual Value Initiative (AVI) is terrifying to many, so we’ll try to calm things down with regular releases of information […]