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Now Council’s Considering a Property Tax Hike to Pay for Pre-K

Councilwoman Cindy Bass said on Tuesday that her office is working on a bill that would raise the property tax rate in Philadelphia, as City Council […]


City To Get $30 Million in New Real Estate Tax Revenue

The City of Philadelphia is coming into some cash next year. City Controller Alan Butkovitz released his monthly economic report today, in which he reveals […]


The Brief: We’ll Soon Know the Names of All Cops Who Shoot Civilians

1. The police department is going to start releasing the names of officers who fire at civilians. The gist: City Paper reports that Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey […]


Philly’s Tax Lien Sale Sucked*

Philadelphia’s first tax lien sale under Mayor Michael Nutter was a flop. But it was also kind of amazing. I’ll explain, but first, a quick primer on this […]


5 Questions About the Future of Philly’s Schools

Philadelphia City Council did something Thursday that it’s done a lot in recent years: voted to increase both taxes and education funding. Lawmakers expect to […]


Surprise! Philly’s Commercial Property Taxes Are Pretty Damn Low

Study after study and politician after politician have said that Philadelphia’s taxes are way too high. But a new report by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy […]

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PSA: Mayor Nutter’s Property Tax Hike Would Only Cost You a Cheesesteak a Month

Say, can you spare a cheesesteak? A new ad from the city government says that Mayor Michael Nutter’s plan to raise property taxes by 9 percent would cost […]

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Darrell Clarke: Fund Philly Schools By Cracking Down on Tax Deadbeats

A Philadelphia lawmaker has a plan to fund the city’s schools and crack down on tax deadbeats at the same time. City Council President Darrell […]

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City Council Won’t Debate Property Tax Hike Until After the Election

The Philadelphia City Council must decide in the next few months whether to support Mayor Michael Nutter’s plan to raise property taxes by more than 9 […]

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44 Taxes We Pay as Residents of the Great City of Philadelphia

Governor Wolf introduced his budget on Tuesday. And in it he proposed an increase in spending, no pension reform, no long-term deficit reduction and no […]

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Councilman Jones: Nutter’s Property Tax Hike Proposal a “Heavy Lift”

Before Mayor Michael Nutter even gave his final budget address Thursday, there were signs his plan to raise property taxes was on life support. Nutter is going […]


Morning Headlines: Will Council Go For Nutter’s Proposed Property Tax Hike?

Mayor Michael Nutter will present his final budget address for fiscal year 2016-17 today at 10 a.m. Early reports indicate that Nutter will look to […]

Atlantic City beach at night

Christie Announces State Takeover of Atlantic City

Chris Christie took a controversial step today that has some Atlantic City politicians fuming. At his third summit on the city’s future, Christie announced the […]


Morning Headlines: Move to Narberth If You’re Tired of Rising Property Taxes

Next time you hear someone complaining about a property tax hike, point them to Narberth. The Main Line Times’ Cheryl Allison reports the Montgomery County […]

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City Picking Up the Pace on Tax Collection

For the first time since Mayor Nutter took office, the City of Philadelphia made significant, measurable progress over the past 18 months in its long-running […]