Morning Headlines: Will Council Go For Nutter’s Proposed Property Tax Hike?

It certainly doesn't sound like it.

Photo credit: Julia Rowe via Flickr.

Photo credit: Julia Rowe via Flickr.

Mayor Michael Nutter will present his final budget address for fiscal year 2016-17 today at 10 a.m. Early reports indicate that Nutter will look to increase the property tax rate from 1.340 percent of assessed value to 1.465 percent, or a hike of over 9%, according to The Inquirer. The money raised by the increase would help fund the School District of Philadelphia. While other budgetary items include  $5.5 million to beef up L+I, $5 million in neighborhood improvements (fixing the curbs, sidewalks, lighting, etc.) and a whopping $20 million to pave the streets (because, winter), all anyone seems to be talking about is the increase in property taxes. 

That includes a few outspoken members of City Council and other government officials, many of whom didn’t seem to think the increase is the proper way to fund the struggling school system. Here’s a snippet from The Inquirer:

“A property tax increase? Please. I don’t think we’re going to consider going that way,” [Councilwoman Jannie L.] Blackwell said, making it clear that she would vote against such a hike.

Let’s just say this looks like it’s going to be another interesting Nutter vs. Council scenario that we have on our hands here.

How do you think it ultimately plays out?

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