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property taxes


The Top 5 Things Smart Philly Residents Care About [UPDATED]

UPDATE: The below has been clarified to reflect the fact that PlanPhilly was concerned only with issues around the built and natural environments, as they […]


Morning Headlines: Daily News Trumpets Mini AVI Results

Philly.com has a story today that offers mixed messages about the results of the Actual Value Initiative, the property tax program that was put into […]

Expect crowded conditions on the Broad Street Line around this time every day during the convention. | Photo: Ben Schumin

Morning Headlines: City Is Giving a Pass to Its Worst Tax Deadbeat

When you think of people who owe property taxes, you imagine an out-of-town landlord who doesn’t care that his blighted building is falling apart. You […]


Morning Headlines: City Tries to Shut Down Kensington Chocolate Factory

Look at the recent posts on their Facebook page and you’ll find nothing but support for Blasius Chocolate Factory. That’s because city officials showed up […]


You Can Now Own a Chunk of the City’s Website, Basically

Chris Sawyer over at philadelinquency has performed another of his data dumps (in a good way) this year by releasing three files that you can […]

LOOP brochure cover

Mayor Nutter Announces LOOP-y Property Tax Relief Program

The city’s new tax relief program, PHL Tax LOOP, is part snappy acronym; LOOP stands for Longtime Owner Occupants Program (oh, to have been a […]

allan domb

Allan Domb: Property Taxes Are Extremely Collectable. So Let’s Get It Done.

Property manager/owner/developer Allan Domb, who is also the president of the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors (GPAR), has become passionate about property tax collection. Last […]

bill green

Morning Headlines: Philadelphia Encouraged to Meet Camden’s Standards With New Property Tax System

City Council approved a bill yesterday that would allow the city to hire private agencies to collect on past-due property taxes. If it seems like […]


Morning Headlines: New York Times Covers Philadelphia’s Land Bank Battle

Could the vast number of empty properties plaguing Philly neighborhoods be the push needed to create a land bank? The New York Times reports on Philadelphia’s […]


Wilson Goode Jr. Gets Radical About Property Taxes

A tax abatement — an exemption from paying taxes on a property for a given number of years — seems like a pretty terrific perk. […]


Homeowners! Friday the 13th Approaches, and It May Be Your Lucky Day

Warning: What you are about to see is real. FRIDAY IS THE FINAL DEADLINE FOR THE HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION APPLICATION. If you don’t know what we’re […]


City Will Host Two Telephone Town Halls to Answer Questions About AVI

Should residents still have questions about the changes to their property taxes, the City will try to clarify matters during the course of two Telephone […]


Good News Alert: Philadelphia Rate of Property Tax Delinquency Is Down

True, the numbers are still execrable: As of April 2013, the city is owed $522 million in delinquent property taxes–which far exceeds the $50 million price […]


Alan Butkovitz Wins Primary, It’s Now Time for Him to Act Like a Grownup

The choices, realistically, were current City Controller Alan Butkovitz and challenger Brett Mandel. They had significant differences of opinion about many things, but they both […]


City Councilman David Oh: This Is a Truly Terrible Salad Recipe

Last week we reported that City Council–having repeatedly asked the mayor and the Office of Property Assessment to detail how it came up with the […]