Good News Alert: Philadelphia Rate of Property Tax Delinquency Is Down

True, the numbers are still execrable: As of April 2013, the city is owed $522 million in delinquent property taxes–which far exceeds the $50 million price tag the School District requires. The notion of reclaiming such delinquencies is depressingly fantastical, but there is good news. As Patrick Kerkstra writes:

For the first time since Mayor Nutter took office in 2008, the rate of growth on the delinquency debt slowed sharply. The city also has made notable gains in reducing the total number of delinquent accounts, from 102,787 in April of last year to 97,310 in April 2013.

We especially like the word “sharply” there. Keep it goin’.

Special report: Signs of progress amid delinquency crisis [PlanPhilly]