PSA: Mayor Nutter’s Property Tax Hike Would Only Cost You a Cheesesteak a Month

Or four soft pretzels a week.


Say, can you spare a cheesesteak?

A new ad from the city government says that Mayor Michael Nutter’s plan to raise property taxes by 9 percent would cost the typical homeowner an extra $104 annually. Need that translated into your favorite stereotypical Philly food? The ad (below) does just that: $104 is the price of “a cheesesteak once a month” or “4 soft pretzels a week.”

The city unveiled the ad on its Facebook page Tuesday.

Nutter wants to use the proceeds from a higher property tax to help fund the city’s cash-strapped schools. District officials have asked the city for an additional $103 million this year.

Some City Council members have criticized Nutter’s proposal, arguing that homeowners cannot afford another property tax increase.

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