Which Neighborhood Has the Most Deadbeat Landlords?

Philly has 10 City Council districts, and according to data analysis by NewsWorks, one of them leads the rest in property tax delinquencies. But it’s not necessarily the one that you’d think.

The 8th District (above), like all Council districts, is oddly shaped and includes disparate neighborhoods–everywhere from 22nd and Allegheny to Stenton and Hillcrest avenues. Represented by Cindy Bass, the 8th owes $94,151,727–the most of any of the 10 districts.

Next up? The 5th District (below), represented by City Council President Darrell Clarke. As you can see from the below map, his District includes neighborhoods that are “in transition,” like Brewerytown; ones that are still struggling, like Strawberry Mansion; and neighborhoods that are doing very nicely, thank you, such as most of Center City. Again, however, as with the 8th District, the affluence in the mix doesn’t offset delinquency: Taxes owed in the 5th come to $88,807,574. city_council_district_5

So which district is home to the fewest delinquencies? That would be the 6th District (below) in the Great Northeast, which is indeed great when it comes to paying taxes. Interestingly, that District’s Councilman, Bobby Henon, is new to the game–which might be an asset.

Unlike longtime members who are stuck in old patterns, Henon is trying new strategies to get property owners to pony up:

Henon said he also refuses to help postpone sheriff’s sales when delinquent property owners come calling. “I’ve received many calls for stays for sheriff’s sales,” he said. “I absolutely do not get involved in any sheriff’s sales.” Henon said he’s been encouraging other lawmakers to follow suit.

The 6th, which includes Mayfair and Fox Chase, among other neighborhoods, only owes a piddling $17,211,032. So maybe Henon is onto something.

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