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yards brewing company headquarters in philadelphia, site of a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against the company
City Life

Former Yards Brewing Company Manager Claims She Was Fired for Getting Pregnant

Yards Brewing Company isn’t just Philadelphia’s longest-running continuously operated brewery — it’s also now Philadelphia’s largest brewery, thanks to a recent expansion. The company received […]

stix pregnancy
NextHealth PHL

Philly-Based Women’s Health Startup Stix Just Raised $3.5M in Seed Funding

It’s been nearly two years since Philly residents Cynthia Plotch and Jamie Norwood launched Stix, a startup making accessing women’s health products like pregnancy, ovulation, […]

lia pregnancy test
NextHealth PHL

A Pair of Penn Grads Created a Biodegradable and Flushable Home Pregnancy Test

When the first at-home pregnancy test arrived on store shelves in the 1970s, women everywhere were promised a “private little revolution.” For the first time, […]

newborn babies covid antibodies
NextHealth PHL

Newborn Babies Can Receive COVID-19 Antibodies From Mothers While in Utero, According to New Penn Study

Since the start of the pandemic, very little research on COVID-19 has accounted for pregnant individuals. As of last June, less than two percent of […]

pregnant during coronavirus pandemic
City Life

Pregnant in a Pandemic: “I Started to Think That Maybe I Should Just Give Birth in My Bathtub”

Two days before she was supposed to give birth, Erica Schmidt found out she could only bring one support person into the delivery room with […]

Be Well Philly

A Philly Company Wants to Make Buying Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests Stress-Free

Two years ago, Queen Village resident Cynthia Plotch went to buy a pregnancy test, hoping to make the purchase without any fuss. Of course, the […]

NextHealth PHL

Philly-Area Mom Gives Birth After Receiving Uterus From Deceased Donor

Jennifer Gobrecht was 17 years old when she first learned she’d been born without a uterus, a fact that meant she would never be able […]

NextHealth PHL

This New IVF Treatment Is a Cheaper Option for Infertility Patients

Andrea and Randy Missimer received a special gift for Christmas this year. After struggling with infertility for nearly two years, the couple learned they’ll soon […]

urban outfitters pregnancy discrimination lawsuit
City Life

This Exton Mom Says Urban Outfitters Fired Her for Trying to Get Pregnant Again

While many workplaces seem to have gotten the message about certain types of discrimination, pregnancy discrimination remains a “rampant” problem at many companies, according to […]

Be Well Philly

This Philly Entrepreneur Founded a Company That Promotes Positive Thinking. Then She Was Diagnosed With Depression.

“Mental illness runs deep in my family. My mom was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was 25 years old, which was the same year […]

pelvic floor exercises
Be Well Philly

Why You Should Do Pelvic Floor Exercises — Besides Kegels — Even if You’re Not Pregnant Yet

Here’s a bit of Monday morning trivia for everyone: What do all of the following conditions have in common? The Sneeze Pee. When you sneeze […]

NextHealth PHL

Merck Selects Philadelphia for Safer Childbirth Cities Initiative

Philadelphia could soon become a much safer place for mothers to give birth. This week, Merck & Co. announced Philadelphia as one of nine cities selected to […]

Be Well Philly

This Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Mama-to-Be Loves Fruit and Self-Care

Who I am: Erika Lundy (@erikalundywellness), 29 Where I live: Rittenhouse What I do: I’m a self-employed, holistic health coach, certified through the Institute for […]

postpartum depression
Be Well Philly

This Philly-Area Expert’s Creative New Book Gets Real About Postpartum Depression

When you’re in the throes of trying to keep a tiny human alive, the world around you may seem a little gray. After all, you’re […]

pregnant sweat diaries
Be Well Philly

Avocado Toast and Goldie Shakes Star in This Pregnant Yoga Instructor’s Diet

Who I am: Lindsay O’Brien (@lindsay.ob), 33 Where I live: Fairmount What I do: I work in Drexel University’s Office of Equality and Diversity as an equal opportunity […]