A Philly Company Wants to Make Buying Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests Stress-Free

Stix delivers pregnancy and ovulation tests directly to your door, meaning no more awkward drugstore encounters.

Stix, a Philly-based, female-founded women’s health company, is all about “no frills, no judgment, just results.” / Photograph courtesy of Stix.

Two years ago, Queen Village resident Cynthia Plotch went to buy a pregnancy test, hoping to make the purchase without any fuss. Of course, the universe had other plans — Plotch ran into her boyfriend’s mother.

This unplanned run-in frustrated Plotch, and got her thinking about all the hoops women have to jump through — embarrassing encounters, unwanted and intrusive questions, expensive price tags — in order to obtain their own health products. Plotch, along with former colleague and Washington Square West-er Jamie Norwood, discovered that 70 percent of people purchasing pregnancy tests had pretty awful experiences, whether because of unexpected meetings or high costs.

Now, we’re all for talking openly about fertility and decisions about whether or not to have kids — but we also understand there can be a great need for discretion and convenience, too.

Stix founders Cynthia Plotch (left) and Jamie Norwood (right) | Photo couurtesy of Stix

Eager to make women’s buying experiences more pleasant, private, and affordable, the two created Stix, a women’s health brand delivering pregnancy and ovulation tests directly to consumers’ doors. They make it easy to test to find out when you’re ovulating (a.k.a. most likely to get pregnant) as well as to get a pregnancy test. Both will be delivered to you in an unmarked envelope.

Launched September 2019 and based in Fitler Club’s coworking space, Offsite, Stix aims to be discreet and convenient, while also giving you results that are over 99-percent accurate (it’s OBGYN- and FDA-approved). Their basic ethos is to make testing for pregnancy and ovulation as stress-free as possible.


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Stix’s “no frills, no judgment, just results” approach is evident from the moment you begin the buying process. Whether you’re testing for pregnancy or tracking your most fertile days, you’ll order your desired product right on the Stix website, which means no more awkward drugstore situations. Their packaging is super inconspicuous: a small, plain envelope with unmarked shipping label that fits perfectly in your mailbox, so it’ll blend in with the rest of the day’s mail. Along with your tests, you’ll find easy-to-follow instructions and educational materials endorsed by gynecologists.

Ultimately, each stage is meant to empower and uplift customers. “Every piece of the Stix experience is centered around peace of mind,” Plotch says. “When you open up the Stix envelope, the first thing you see is the message, ‘Take a deep breath.’”

Stix costs $13 for two pregnancy tests and $17 for a seven-pack ovulation test. There are also cancel-any-time subscription options for $10.79 and $14.11.

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