We’re Launching a Series for New and Soon-to-Be Parents

"I'm New at This" aims to educate and support novice moms, dads, and caregivers, and will feature a reader-driven advice column.

“I’m New at This” is Be Well Philly’s new biweekly series for novice moms, dads, and caregivers. / Photograph courtesy of Getty Images.

At some point in life, most people have heard from family members or friends who have recently become parents, “Nothing can prepare you for parenthood.” And in response, most of us baby-less folks share an awkward smile or nod our heads or give an encouraging, “I’m sure, but you’re doing great!” then stare into oblivion wondering how good parents become, well, good at parenting.

But earlier this year, we at Be Well started thinking: What if we could help put an end to that repeated myth? What if pregnant people, new parents, and people still debating if parenthood is right for them didn’t have to buy into this dismissive notion that we’re all on our own — left to our own devices (literally) — when it comes to learning how to raise a little one in this wild world?

That’s why we’ve decided to launch a new series for soon-to-be and new parents living in and around Philadelphia. Be Well Philly’s “I’m New at This” will cover the ins and outs of prepping for the arrival of a little one and taking care of them — and yourself — once they arrive earthside. It’s our way of helping novice moms, dads, and caregivers navigate all the things you’re supposed to know about and know how to do when it comes to the little babe (and yourself in this new role!), but that nobody ever really teaches you or tells you how — like finding a doula, managing multiple kiddos, prepping (physically, mentally and emotionally) for delivery, making new-parent friends, bracing for potty training, and more.

In addition to the slew of topics we have in mind, we at Be Well want to make sure that this series is actually doing what it sets out to do: educate and support you along this beautiful, overwhelming, full-of-surprises journey. As such, we invite you to email Be Well editor Laura Brzyski ( questions you have or issues you’re navigating that you feel (1) you need more info about; and (2) other parents or caregivers would benefit from. We’ll do our best to find you solutions or answers recommended by area experts.

Sure, there’ll be unexpected things you’ll likely run into with your precious bundle, but our hope is that “I’m New at This” will help you feel less alone and more confident, assured and at ease — a pro equipped to handle anything when it comes to this parenting thing.