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One Day in Philly

City Life

One Day in the Life of Philly: This Is Us

This city — any city — is an accident of geography. At some point, someone stood here, looked around, took in the conjoining rivers and […]

City Life

One Day in Philly: Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sánchez

It’s hard to imagine there’s anyone in the City of Philadelphia who utters the phrase “opioid crisis” more often than Maria Quiñones-Sánchez. “I never thought […]

City Life

One Day in Philly: Stephen Klasko, Jefferson CEO

It’s 9:40 a.m. on this, yet another day in Steve Klasko’s quest to remake the world, and the president of Thomas Jefferson University and CEO […]

City Life

One Day in Philly: Carol Serena, Parc GM

Not much in life is certain, but Carol Serena, the general manager of Parc, knows three things. She knows that at some point today, the […]

City Life

One Day in Philly: Judge Mia Roberts-Perez

It hasn’t even been a week since Mia Roberts-Perez’s 37th birthday, and she’s presiding over a man’s fate. In her Common Pleas courtroom on the […]

City Life

One Day in Philly: Eighth-Grader Amanda Green

If you’ve felt pummeled by this world lately, your belief in innocence and joy and a life-affirming future wounded by everything that is 2018, perhaps […]

City Life

One Day in Philly: HughE Dillon, Society Photographer

“I always take three photos, because Penny is a blinker.” The Penny in question is Penny Fox, wife of Robert A. Fox, the chairman and […]

One Day in Philly: Matt Zugale

PHOTOGRAPHER SPOTLIGHT Matt Zugale photographed Bucks County. A self-described “suburban dad who still feels like a city kid,” Zugale first moved to Philly in 1998, […]

One Day in Philly: Shira Yudkoff

PHOTOGRAPHER SPOTLIGHT Shira Yudkoff photographed Center City. The best part of the day for Philly-based Yudkoff was photographing two non-English speakers who were eager to […]

One Day in Philly: Albert Yee

PHOTOGRAPHER SPOTLIGHT Albert Yee photographed South Philly. “The serendipity of coming across scenes like a pack of Great Danes is an absolute joy,” says Yee, […]

One Day in Philly: Gene Smirnov

PHOTOGRAPHER SPOTLIGHT Gene Smirnov photographed Northwest Philly. “I think the most surprising thing was that many people are actually very interested to be part of […]

One Day in Philly: Bastiaan Slabbers

PHOTOGRAPHER SPOTLIGHT Bastiaan Slabbers photographed Center City, Fairmount and West Philly. Slabbers is a Dutch photojournalist based in Philly who specializes in editorial, documentary and […]

One Day in Philly: Jared Gruenwald

PHOTOGRAPHER SPOTLIGHT Jared Gruenwald photographed Montgomery County. Philadelphia-based Gruenwald specializes in photographing people, places, sports, and “all the weird and wonderful moments that happen in […]

One Day in Philly: Jeff Fusco

PHOTOGRAPHER SPOTLIGHT Jeff Fusco photographed Delaware County. The best part of the day, says Fusco, a freelance documentary photographer, was being able to “insert ourselves […]

One Day in Philly: Neal Santos

PHOTOGRAPHER SPOTLIGHT Neal Santos photographed the Northeast and North Philly. Santos, who likes capturing small, candid moments with his camera, lives in Southwest Philly “on […]