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One Day in Philly

One Day in Philly: Adam Englehart

PHOTOGRAPHER SPOTLIGHT Adam Englehart photographed the city by drone. Englehart, creative director at Old City’s Neff Associates, was happy to pause his typically hectic schedule […]

One Day in Philly: Ryan Donnell

PHOTOGRAPHER SPOTLIGHT Ryan Donnell photographed Center City. A former Grad Hospital homeowner, Donnell is currently based in Washington, D.C. — and always pining to return […]

One Day in Philly: Ryan Collerd

PHOTOGRAPHER SPOTLIGHT Ryan Collerd photographed Chester County. Collerd is a Philly-based photographer who specializes in photojournalism and documentary photography. His work can be found in […]

One Day in Philly: Michael Persico

PHOTOGRAPHER SPOTLIGHT Michael Persico photographed South Philly. “The concept alone on this shoot day was unbelievably inspiring,” says Persico, whose work includes portraits, food and […]

One Day in Philly: Tiayrra Bradley

PHOTOGRAPHER SPOTLIGHT Tiayrra Bradley photographed Center City and West and North Philly. Bradley, a photographer and creative director, aims for big impact in her work, […]

One Day in Philly: Steve Boyle

PHOTOGRAPHER SPOTLIGHT Steve Boyle photographed Greater Center City. “I documented this city from before sunrise to after sunset; while I never saw the sun, I […]

One Day in Philly: Ted Nghiem

PHOTOGRAPHER SPOTLIGHT Ted Nghiem photographed South Jersey and Philly. Nghiem, a food and culture photographer, says that shooting people for this project “reinforced the notion […]

One Day in Philly: Sarah Bones

PHOTOGRAPHER SPOTLIGHT Sarah Bones photographed Center City and North Philly. Bones is an international photographer and director with more than 30 years of experience. And […]

One Day in Philadelphia: Nell Hoving

PHOTOGRAPHER SPOTLIGHT Nell Hoving photographed the Main Line. Hoving lives in Glen Mills with her husband, their young son and — soon — their new […]

One Day in Philly: Kriston Jae Bethel

PHOTOGRAPHER SPOTLIGHT Kriston Jae Bethel photographed West Philly and Fairmount. At first, Bethel told us that his favorite part of this assignment was getting to […]

One Day in Philadelphia: Michelle Gustafson

PHOTOGRAPHER SPOTLIGHT Michelle Gustafson photographed West Philly and Fairmount. Photojournalist Gustafson, who regularly shoots for the New York Times, Bloomberg News, the Wall Street Journal […]