The Art Museum, Navy Yard and Penn’s Landing Are Getting Major Upgrades

This past Tuesday, roughly 69 percent of the Philadelphians who actually made it out to the polls voted “yes” on ballot question No. 2, in which […]


Salary Check: Here’s How Much You Really Should Be Earning in Philly

Staffing firm Robert Half recently released a deluge of information on salaries. That means, if you have no idea what you should earn or why […]

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Popular Gayborhood Producer Admits “Untimely Payment to Performers”

After Tabu Lounge and Bar announced recently that it was parting ways with well-known Gayborhood events producer Josh Schonewolf, speculation arose on social media that […]


The Phillies Were the Most Profitable MLB Team in 2016

Believe it or not, the Phillies made more money than any other Major League Baseball team in 2016 despite a lousy fourth-place finish in the […]


What It’s Like to Live in Philly on $18,000

As an adult, it’s interesting to look back on my family’s financial situation growing up. If there were money concerns, my father and mother, a […]


What It’s Like to Live in Philly on $50,000

Growing up in Montgomery County, I remember my parents telling me, “You need to pay your bills, and you need to pay them on time, […]


What It’s Like to Live in Philly on $130,000

My mother didn’t come from money. Her father was a taxicab driver. Back then, in the ’50s, there were sororities in high school. My mother […]


What It’s Like to Live in Philly on $1,000,000+

My husband and I come from very different backgrounds, money-wise. Both of my parents came from large farming families. Where I grew up, hard work […]


Now and Then: A Snapshot of Philly Finances

  » See more from our Money in Philadelphia package First published as “Now and Then” in the April 2017 issue of Philadelphia magazine.  


From Jim Kenney to Brian Roberts: What Philly’s Biggest Names Make Each Year

Brian Roberts, CEO, Comcast, $36.2 million Bill Marrazzo, CEO, WHYY, $703,718 Marrazzo is among the highest-paid public broadcasting CEOs in the entire country. Jeremy Hellickson, […]


Boomers vs. Millennials: How Differently Do They View Money?

You know the rap on boomers — those greedy oldsters who elected Donald Trump. And you know millennials — those special snowflakes who spend all […]


6 Philly Finance Experts Share Their Best Money Advice

For the family on a budget “Insurance tends to creep up with inflationary adjustment. Every two years, you owe it to yourself to get additional […]


The 30 Top-Paying Jobs in Philadelphia Earning Over $100K

What are the best-paying jobs in the Philly region right now? Exactly how much are lawyers raking in these days? Your kid’s orthodontist? Your CEO? […]


Money in Philadelphia: How We Make It — and Spend It — in 2017

As the American economy (the world!) has changed over the past few decades — what with the recession, the millennials, a tech boom, the Uber effect […]


The New Frugality: Inside Philly’s Buy Nothing Movement

My husband and I are both independent contractors, which means there are no benefits (apart from working from home a lot). We have two children […]