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American Sniper On Track to Become Highest-Grossing Film of 2014

  Only two months after its Christmas Day release, American Sniper, starring Jenkintown’s Bradley Cooper, is on track to become the highest-grossing film of 2014, overtaking the […]

City Life

Rick Scott Is Coming to Take Our Jobs

Florida Gov. Rick Scott will be in Pennsylvania next week, ostensibly on a mission to steal businesses from the state and take them back to […]

City Life

Study: In Pennsylvania, Very Rich Getting Richer, Everybody Else Getting Poorer

Updated with comment from the governor’s office. In Pennsylvania, it really is true that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. […]

City Life

New Jersey Raises Minimum Wage by 13 Cents

The new year brought a new, higher minimum wage to New Jersey: It went up 13 cents, to $8.38, under a new law that automatically […]

City Life

Incentives May Bring Another Company to Camden

Philadelphia Business Journal reports that New Jersey is prepared to offer $100 million to lure a new company — and 1,000 jobs — to Camden.

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Philly Could Push Local Minimum Wage to $15

The Inquirer’s Tricia Nadolny has a great look today at efforts to pass a $15 minimum wage in Philadelphia. It probably wouldn’t be universal — […]

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Forbes: Flyers 7th-Most Valuable Team in NHL

Comcast has a few quirky items in its portfolio. Comcast Ventures backs a sports gambling site. Comcast owns theme parks based on a fictional boy […]

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Report: Philly Has Highest Overdraft Fees in America

Bankrate.com is reporting that Philadelphia has the highest bank overdraft fees in America — so, you know, it might be a good idea never to […]

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Rich People Are Stupider Than You and Me

Rich people, F. Scott Fitzgerald famously said, are different from you and me, and there was a doozy of an article in the New York […]

City Life

Penn’s Endowment: $9.6 Billion

Maybe this is why Playboy said Penn is America’s No. 1 party school: The university’s huge endowment just keeps on getting bigger. There’s enough money […]


Whoever Has That $21,000 from Revel Is Getting Away With It

The person who has the $21,000 missing from Revel is being more careful than Joey Coyle was. To be fair, it’s a lot less money: […]

School District of Philadelphia
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Philadelphia School District Publishes List of Employee Salaries

Interested to know what Philadelphia School District superintendent William Hite makes? That one I can answer for you: $270,000 a year. Interested to know what […]

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Oops: Forbes Forgets Comcast’s Roberts Family on Its Richest Families List

The good folks at Forbes have put together a list of the 185 American families with fortunes of $1 billion or more, topping out at […]

City Life

The 50 Highest Paid Employees and Officers in Philadelphia Unions (and No, Johnny Doc Is Not #1)

With Philadelphia’s unions back in the news in a very big way, we thought we’d take a look at who earns what in our local […]

Philadelphia School District Building

School District Says It Needs $216M to Avert Thousands of Layoffs

The Philadelphia school district is still broke, if you haven’t noticed. Schools superintendent William Hite says the district needs $216 million or it will have […]