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Why TD Bank Might Not Buy Citizens Bank

The Philadelphia Business Journal is skeptical of  rumors suggesting TD Bank may buy Citizens Bank, offering five reasons why a deal might not get done.


TD Bank Renews Interest in Acquiring Citizens Bank

Canadian TD Bank is eyeing the acquisition of Providence-based Citizens, both of which service the Philly area and together, says Joe DiStefano, would rival Wells […]

City Life

Officials Have Great New Idea for Funding Philadelphia Schools: Collect Taxes

CBS Philly reports that City Hall is promising a more-vigorous effort to collect the “school tax,” in light of the district’s ongoing funding woes. “The […]

City Life

Philadelphia’s Economy Is Growing Exactly as Slowly as You Think It Is

A chart from The Atlantic: Philadelphia Business Journal puts it in perspective: Between 2009 and 2012, Philadelphia’s GDP grew by 9.4 percent, ranking 9th out […]

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Study: Your Bank Probably Sucks, Philly

Here’s a chicken-or-egg question: Do Philadelphia banks suck because they’re banks, or because they’re in Philadelphia? Philadelphia Business Journal offers some insight: Five of the […]

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Perelmans Haved Added A New Generation to Their Byzantine Family Legal Battles

We’ve actually lost track of which Perelmans are mad at whom. What we know is that a bunch of rich people with Philadelphia ties keep […]

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Poverty Up in Pennsylvania, Down in Philadelphia

First, the kind of bad news: “The Census Bureau reported Tuesday that almost 1.8 million people in Pennsylvania, or 13.9 percent, were living in poverty […]

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Forbes: These 4 Philadelphians are Worth $8.6 Billion

Forbes just released its annual Forbes 400 list, which is also known as The Richest People In America. Four Philadelphia-area residents made the cut. And […]

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Economist: The Rich Stay Rich, the Middle Class Get Thriftier

Silly me. My career went into a ditch at the start of the Great Recession when I traded a good job and a comfortable income […]

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38 Reasons the Cost of College Is Worth Every. Single. Penny.

The high cost of education has been very much in the news of late, particularly after the President’s recent speech about his plan to bring […]

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NASDAQ Halts Trading Because DON’T PANIC!

This is why all our investments are in gold and potatoes, both of which are buried in an underground shelter: U.S. stock exchanges on Thursday […]

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People Who Have More Sex Make More Money

Now here’s a study I can get behind: People who have sex 4 times or more per week make more money than those who don’t. […]

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Philly Prosecutors Investigating JPMorgan Chase

The New York Times reports that banking giant JPMorgan Chase has revealed it faces both criminal and civil litigation over whether it sold “shoddy” mortgage securities […]

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Powerball Just Made Some People In New Jersey Very Rich

NBC News reports: Chances are you didn’t win, but at least three people were celebrating being propelled into the ranks of the super-rich early Thursday. […]

City Life

Happy Payday: How Banks Drive the Poor to “Alternative Financial Services”

A story on the front page of Wednesday’s New York Times details the precarious situation many low-income and working-class consumers are finding themselves in when they […]