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Philly.com’s Frightening Finance Guru

There’s a decent chance you’ve never heard of Dave Ramsey, and the reason should be familiar: In an era when our Red State-Blue State bifurcation […]

There's been quite the brouhaha about the Union League's repeated attempts to buy a golf course. Lost in the shuffle, though, was that, according to the Inquirer they also bought the Backyard, a gorgeous little BYOB in Stone Harbor, and made it members only. This is sad. I love that restaurant, and while I've been a guest at the Union League, I'm more likely to renounce my New Jersey residency or get a cat than join, so getting back to the Backyard would depend on leaning on a member. I'm not surprised the Union League set its sights on Stone Harbor. It's long been a vacation spot for the Mainline/Haddonfield crowd, so of course they bought a restaurant there and not among that new money crowd over in Avalon or, God forbid, the plebes of Sea Isle. Two tips if you want to stay in Stone Harbor for great food (because my first instinct would be to shoot down the parkway to Cape May): Check out the Water Star Grille at the Reeds in Stone Harbor, which is a wonderful spot with nice water views that also has a full bar. Or see if the Backyard's opening up before Memorial Day and try to bluff your way in on May 17th, a day on which Union League members will be wearing giant hats at the Radnor Hunt.

Union League Membership Moving from Main Line to Center City, South Jersey

Is the Philadelphia old guard rich power base — or whatever — moving out of the Main Line? Let’s not write the obituary for it […]

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From Altered Gravity Wrestling to Musical Houseplants, Here Are the 8 Best/Worst Philly Kickstarter Projects

Since its debut in 2009, crowdfunding platform Kickstarter* has helped raise over $1 billion in donor pledges, with more than 1,500 Kickstarter projects launched in […]

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Payday Lending Bill Revived in PA

The Patriot-News reports that the Pennsylvania Senate is considering a bill that would make way for the rise of the payday lending industry in the […]

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Some Towns Running Low on Road Salt

With another storm headed for Philadelphia this week, road crews are going to be out salting the roads again in the coming days. And Action […]

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Expanding The Lottery Would Be A Sin

Sometimes, I like to play the lottery. Not often. Usually when the jackpot gets north of, say, $200 million. Like everybody else, I start to […]

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Philly, PA Lead Nation in Bank Closings

Philadelphia Business Journal reports that Philly and Pennsylvania lead the nation in bank branch closings—Pennsylvania with 101 branches closed last year; with half of those […]

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Sen. Bob Casey Campaigning for Minimum Wage Increase

Sen. Bob Casey is campaigning for an increase to the minimum wage—and trying to persuade his perhaps-skeptical rural constituents by unveiling a county-by-county poverty chart. […]

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Your Crazy-Expensive Wedding is Destroying Society

Let me confess: I’m a lucky guy. When I started courting my soon-to-be-wife back in 2005, she quickly let me know she wasn’t a diamond […]

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Stu Bykofsky’s Lousy Idea to Help Unemployed Workers

We suppose we should be happy that Stu Bykofsky is concerned about the plight of America’s long-term unemployed instead of, you know, insulting them. Still, […]

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13 Ways to Avoid Being Broke at Christmas

Not enough money for Christmas presents? Yeah, I thought so. That’s because you spent too much money in 2013 on frivolous things. Well, that ship […]

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8 Reasons I’m Happy It’s Not 1963

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few weeks, you’re probably aware that tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK. Documentaries […]

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Would Private Charity Be More Effective If the Wealthy Were More Charitable?

Conservative critics of government social welfare programs argue that private charity, which Americans engage in on a vast scale, can help those in need better […]

New Jersey Rep Rob Andrews
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Camden County Congressman Rob Andrews Investigated by 60 Minutes

Camden County Congressman Rob Andrews is having a bad couple of months. In late August, the House Ethics committee announced it was extending its investigation […]

Eagles Helmet
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Former Eagle Irving Fryar Accused of Mortgage Fraud

NJ.com reports: “Former Pro Bowl NFL wide receiver Irving Fryar was indicted today along with his mother for conspiring to steal more than $690,000 by […]