Whoever Has That $21,000 from Revel Is Getting Away With It

The investigation into a missing bag of money from Revel has been closed with no wrongdoing found.

The person who has the $21,000 missing from Revel is being more careful than Joey Coyle was.

To be fair, it’s a lot less money: Just $21 grand versus $1.2 million. But, the investigation into the missing $21,000 from Revel that fell off an armored car’s roof is officially closed.

GardaWorld, the armored car company that misplaced the nearly $21,000 in cash, will reimburse the money-losing casino that will close on September 2nd. Breaking even is a step up, Revel! GardaWorld found that there was no wrongdoing internally. The criminal investigation didn’t find any, either. The missing $21K is in a clear plastic bag marked “Revel.” If you have this $21,000, well, looks like you’re free to keep it!

Of course, there’s a chance that somehow the bag found its way onto the beach and was buried by a storm. AC ought to spread this rumor so treasure hunters descend upon the city and spend money in its remaining casinos and shops.

[Press of Atlantic City]