Revel Out $21,000 After Bag Falls From Armored Car’s Roof

It's not clear when the bag of money fell off the roof of the car. An investigation into the missing $21,000 remains open.

When it comes to Revel, the house always loses. Earlier this month, the Revel Casino Hotel lost $21,000 after a bag of money was left on the roof of an armored car. The bills lost were valued at almost $21,000.

On August 6th, a GardaWorld armored car made a pickup at Revel and somehow left the bag of money on the roof, according to an incident report obtained by The Press of Atlantic City. Per the report, the bag was still there when it made a pickup at Resorts six minutes later. It’s not known when the money fell off the roof.

The missing armored car money brings to mind Joey Coyle, a South Philly dockworker who found $1.2 million off an armored car in 1981. He later committed suicide. John Cusack later starred as Coyle in Money for Nothing.

An investigation into the missing money remains open. Revel is closing on September 2nd.

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