The 50 Highest Paid Employees and Officers in Philadelphia Unions (and No, Johnny Doc Is Not #1)

We're pretty sure this is what they mean by the phrase "union fat cat."

With Philadelphia’s unions back in the news in a very big way, we thought we’d take a look at who earns what in our local unions.

We examined the 2013 financial reports that the unions are required to file with the United States Department of Labor and found the 50 union employees and officers who received the most from those unions between January 1, 2013, and December 31, 2013.

We also researched the average employee compensation for each union and the percentage of employees of the unions who earn more than $75,000.

While carpenter union head Ed Coryell tops the list, bringing home about $25,000 more than electrical union boss John “Johnny Doc” Dougherty, Doc’s union is responsible for 14 entries on our top 50 list, for a collective $2.3 million in 2013.

UnionNameTitleTotal Comp.Avg. Union Comp.% > $75,000
CarpentersCoryell, EdwardBusiness Manager$309,830 $84,11858.7
ElectriciansDougherty, JohnBusiness Manager$286,920 $73,95234.4
Steelworkers 286Simone III, CarloBusiness Manager$248,093 UnavailableUnavailable
Laborers 332Staten, SamuelBusiness Manager$243,606 $61,83427.8
DC-33Matthews, HermanPresident$222,574 $22,9249.4
Ironworkers 401Dougherty, JosephBusiness Agent$211,989 $73,64719.2
Sheet MetalMasino, GaryBusiness Manager$203,998 $39,52626
Plumbers 420Gallo, Thomas Business Manager$198,048 $63,60232.6
DC-33MacDonald, ElizabethSecretary Treasurer$193,854 $22,9249.4
DC-33Wallace, FranklinController$190,488 $22,9249.4
CarpentersNaughton, RobertHead Organizer$190,416 $84,11858.7
Laborers DCBoyer, RyanBusiness Manager$187,589 $68,57226.7
Transportation 769Sampson, DirkGeneral Chairman$179,895 $78,20828.6
ElevatorsLoomis, EdwardBusiness Manager$176,900 $130,51821.7
Plaster/Cement 8Kilkenny, ThomasBusiness Manager$174,320 $86,73621.1
Teachers 8036Kirsch, TheodorePresident$172,806 $69,83140
Plaster/Cement 8Taylor, WilliamPresident$169,300 $86,73621.1
ElectriciansBark, RobertSergeant of Arms$167,359 $73,95234.4
ElectriciansBrowne, TimothyVice President$166,786 $73,95234.4
PaintersAshdale, JosephBusiness Manager$165,319 $86,91960
Laborers 57Higgins, WalterBusiness Manager$163,769 $74,42338.5
ElectriciansBurrows, BrianPresident$163,557 $73,95234.4
Plumbers 420McInerney, ChristopherBusiness Agent$159,310 $63,60232.6
Ironworkers 405Penna, EdwardPresident$159,161 $89,39125
ElectriciansCrawford, MaritaBusiness Agent$158,369 $73,95234.4
ElectriciansFoy, JamesExecutive Board$157,722 $73,95234.4
AsbestosPettit, StephenBusiness Manager$157,003 $72,73128.6
BricklayersPagliotti, DennisPresident$156,101 $69,25647
ElectriciansCoppinger, EdwardExecutive Board$155,601 $73,95234.4
ElectriciansWalker, GeorgeBusiness Agent$154,733 $73,95234.4
Laborers 332Robinson, AndrewSecretary Treasurer$154,429 $61,83427.8
ElectriciansWolfe, StephenExecutive Board$153,576 $73,95234.4
Ironworkers 401Prophet, ChristopherBusiness Agent$153,554 $73,64719.2
ElectriciansSnyder, James Business Agent$153,546 $73,95234.4
ElectriciansThompson, RobertExamining Board$152,619 $73,95234.4
Plumbers 420Jackson, StephenAsst. Business Manager$152,058 $63,60232.6
Plumbers 692Miller, WayneBusiness Manager$151,651 $42,29126.1
Plumbers 420Gallagher, Anthony Business Manager$151,629 $63,60232.6
Plumbers 420Meile, MichaelBusiness Agent$151,129 $63,60232.6
Ironworkers 405Malone, SamuelBusiness Manager$151,072 $89,39125
ElectriciansStevenson, BrianBusiness Agent$151,014 $73,95234.4
ElectriciansGormley, RobertExecutive Board$150,871 $73,95234.4
ElevatorsKoch, JohnBusiness Rep.$150,738 $130,51821.7
Plumbers 420Heffernan, KevinFinancial Secretary$149,629 $63,60232.6
AsbestosCellucci, RobertBusiness Agent$149,032 $72,73128.6
Plumbers 420McMahon, BrianBusiness Agent$148,500 $63,60232.6
ElectriciansDevine , NehemiahBusiness Agent$148,240 $73,95234.4
Teachers 8036Ocmand, AlisonStaff$148,234 $69,83140
AsbestosRickert, RonaldBusiness Agent$148,067 $72,73128.6
Plumbers 420Walls, JamesAsst. Business Manager$147,666 $63,60232.6

A few notes about our data:

The total compensation includes all disbursements to the individual during 2013, including base salary and other forms of compensation.

The average union compensation represents the average compensation for all employees, while the final column indicates the percentage of union employees earning more than $75,000. These two last columns are based on 2012 data. These figures refer to actual employees of the union, not to union members.

The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (AFT Local 3, AFL-CIO) was not included in this analysis. According to a PFT spokesperson, they are not required to file a report with the Department of Labor because they only represent public sector employees.