Philadelphia School District Publishes List of Employee Salaries

A table of information for teachers and other Philadelphia School District employees has been published on the district's website.

Interested to know what Philadelphia School District superintendent William Hite makes? That one I can answer for you: $270,000 a year. Interested to know what your teacher friend makes? You’ll have to look that up yourself.

This week, the district published a full list of teacher information, complete with salaries, titles, pay rates, and representation. I just looked up a friend I went out for drinks with recently, and I decided I’ll be paying for drinks next time we hang out.

The file is available as a zipped CSV, or comma-separate values, which stores tabular data in plain text format.

“Happy data diving!” the README says. “This README file contains some background information and guidance on School District of Philadelphia (SDP) data. This set of data was extracted in May of 2014, and includes every active employee of the School District of Philadelphia as of the extract date. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or would like to request other data sets.”

The district has posted 10 different data sets since last year as part of the city’s open data initiative. “We are a public institution,” district spokesman Fernando Gallard told the Daily News. “We are driven to be as transparent as possible, and that has been the way we have operated, and we have provided this information before. Now it’s going to be easier.”