Union League Membership Moving from Main Line to Center City, South Jersey

As part of a possible purchase of Torresdale-Frankford Country Club, the Union League notes an interesting fact about its changing membership.

Is the Philadelphia old guard rich power base — or whatever — moving out of the Main Line? Let’s not write the obituary for it just yet, but deep in this Joseph DiStefano piece in today’s Inquirer about the Union League’s plan to buy Torresdale-Frankford Country Club in the Far Northeast is an interesting nugget:

In making the case for growth, the League notes its membership has shifted: Though two-thirds lived on the country club-studded Main Line in 2000, only about four in 10 do now, while the proportions living in South Jersey and Center City have doubled.

Interesting, right? The Center City luxury condo boom has drawn more rich people into the city, and also there is South Jersey. Maybe one day the area’s old money will all reside at 1706 Rittenhouse and in Moorestown. Or maybe in 10 years we’ll be talking about Fishtown’s Union League members. Maybe.