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WATCH: Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro Solves the Great Patriots Mystery

Cutting a fun little promo with shades of the Bourne Identity or any number of high-stress political thrillers, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro “solved” the […]


Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro: “Protecting Students Is a Must”

On Monday night, Drexel University’s Creese Student Center was the site of the second roundtable discussion in Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s ongoing series on […]


Black Lives Matter Activist Asa Khalif Arrested at Protest

The most prominent Black Lives Matter activist in Philadelphia was arrested on Monday. Officials said Asa Khalif, leader of Black Lives Matter Movement Pennsylvania, was taken into custody […]


Kenney: Pennsylvania Needs to Consider Legalizing Marijuana

Mayor Jim Kenney and Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro discussed Philly and America in the age of Trump – among other things – at Philly Mag’s […]


Pa. AG: Philly Uber Driver Helped Rescue Human Trafficking Victim

A 21-year-old human trafficking victim lured to the East Coast from California was rescued by an Uber driver in Philly this weekend, according to the […]


Thinkfest Preview: Mayor Kenney and Josh Shapiro Take On Trump

It’s safe to say that Mayor Jim Kenney and Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro are no fans of President Donald Trump, now 287 days into […]


Pennsylvania Sues Trump Over Birth Control Coverage

On behalf of the commonwealth, Attorney General Josh Shapiro has filed a federal lawsuit against President Donald Trump over modifications his administration made to former […]

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Pa. Attorney General Sues Trump Admin Over Lack of Energy Regulations

Pennsylvania was one of 11 states to sue President Donald Trump’s administration this week over its failure to enact a series of energy regulations. The […]


Does Pa.’s AG Have the Solution to Our Opioid Epidemic?

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro attended a forum hosted by the Independence Blue Cross Foundation in Philadelphia earlier this week to address the state and […]


Did Trump Imply Threats to Jewish Centers Were Fake?

In a confusing remark at a White House meeting on Tuesday with the attorneys general of several states — including new Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro […]


Report: Legal Matters Involving Kathleen Kane Cost State $3.6M

Legal matters surrounding embattled former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane cost the state office $3.6 million, according to current Attorney General Josh Shapiro. 


What the Incredible Rise of the Independent Voter Means for Philly

For more than half of the 20th century, the number of registered independents and third-party voters in Philadelphia didn’t change much. From the 1940s to […]


Is This The End of Porngate?

So this is it, then? After all of the name-calling, the ruined careers, the lawsuits, and the investigations of previous investigations, Porngate ended on something […]


Josh Shapiro Is Pennsylvania’s New Attorney General

The race for Pennsylvania attorney general was relatively quiet, as these things go. The chief task for both candidates — Democrat Josh Shapiro and Republican state Sen. John […]


The No-Bullshit Guide to the 2016 Philadelphia Presidential Election

Only two days left. The most unbelievable election of our lifetimes is, mercifully, coming to an end. The vast majority of you know whether you’re […]