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Report: Philly Is Gentrifying More Than San Francisco, the Poster Child for Displacement

Gentrification is happening across the country, but conventional wisdom would have you believe that much of the most vigorous activity is centered around West Coast […]


Homeowners Are Loving Bucks County: Report Finds Increase in Pending Sales

The Bucks County real estate scene has been doing pretty well for itself all things considered. According to the latest housing report from Coldwell Banker Hearthside, REALTORS, the […]


Philadelphia Has 7th Most Overvalued Housing Market in the Country

Noticed that home prices in Philly are sky-high? You’re not alone. In fact, Philly is the 7th most overvalued real estate market in the United […]


Student Debt and the Housing Market: Not As Badly Paired As You’d Think

This just in from the Department of Misconception Debunking: student loan debt in and of itself does not, we repeat, does not prevent young would-be […]


House Hunting Habits: Millennial Edition

We told you on Friday about the shaky confidence people have in the house-buying market. You know, how homeowners are feeling good about the current […]


Philly Renters Feeling More Confident About Buying a Home

How are you feeling about the future market, Philly? Mixed-emotions maybe? We’re about to find out, as Zillow has just released their Housing Confidence Index report, which […]


Here Are 6 Tips to Keep Your Home Prepped For an Open House

Confession time: I’ve done a horrible job of keeping my home ready for Open House days. That’s not to say it hasn’t been viewed at its best, but […]


Today’s First-Time Homebuyers Are Late Bloomers Compared to Those From Decades Ago

Know any millennials still on the rent bandwagon and with little to no aspiration to buy a house any time soon? It would be surprising […]


Rent Watch: Philly’s 3 Most Expensive ‘Hoods for a 1-Bedroom Apartment

It’s the middle of the summer and chances are good that you might be looking for a new place to live. We have a map […]


Up, Up, Up!: The Latest Housing Report for Bucks County

On the heels of a BHHS HomExpert report that saw an increase in Philadelphia home sales within the first six months of the year comes […]


Headlines: Where Does Philly Rank for First Time Home Buyers?

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the state of the real estate market in Philadelphia. We know that home sales are up across the […]


RealtyTrac Says Philly Was Still Mired in Foreclosure Filings Last Year

In spite of national foreclosure filings taking a dip in 2014, RealtyTrac says their data and analysis of the Greater Philadelphia Area found it “still mired […]


Redfin Predicts Philly’s Housing Market Will Be a “Sleeper” in 2015

Glance at the latest reports on Philly’s housing market and you find a city with an improving economy, slowly burgeoning job opportunities, and a rising number […]


Morning Headlines: University City Leads the City In New Office Construction

It’s official: University City is in a construction boom and we have the numbers to prove it thanks to the University City District’s annual State […]


Philadelphia’s Third Quarter Results in Ambivalent Housing Market Report

Metrostudy published their third quarter housing report for the Philadelphia MSA (that is, Metropolitan Statistical area, which includes the four counties, plus three counties in […]