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housing market

Philly seller’s market

We’ve Entered a Historic Seller’s Market. Now Agents Just Need Houses to Sell.

Every spring, the real estate industry gears up for its biggest season of the year. But when Governor Wolf ordered a shutdown in March, all […]

suburban jungle couple walking along suburban street

New Service Will Guide You to the Suburb That’s Just Right for You

Let’s say that you’re one of those people with a literary bent: You love to talk about books and ideas and you spend hours reading […]

Neither buyers nor sellers should sit on the sidelines right now, say several agents, but the COVID-19 outbreak has complicated the sale process. | Photo: CDI Productions via Getty Images

Trying to Buy or Sell a House in Philly Right Now? Here’s What to Expect

At least as of now, the real estate market hasn’t disappeared completely the way the travel market has. People still need to move for various […]


The Trends that Will Shape Philly Real Estate in 2020

Now that we’ve disposed of 2019, let’s take a look ahead at 2020. Where will Philadelphia and the region stand twelve months hence? From this […]

top real estate stories 2019 graduate hospital new construction

The Top 5 Real Estate Stories of 2019

As the year winds down to a close, as is our wont, we now take a look back at the past 12 months to see […]

philadelphia gentrification
City Life

Report: Philly Is Gentrifying More Than San Francisco, the Poster Child for Displacement

Gentrification is happening across the country, but conventional wisdom would have you believe that much of the most vigorous activity is centered around West Coast […]

2019 predictions new houses under construction west philly

5 Things We Hope (or Fear) Will Happen: Our 2019 Wish and Worry List

Now that the final chapter of 2018 is being written, it’s time to turn our gaze ahead into the year to come. We already identified […]


The Challenges Philly Faces in the Year Ahead

Center City and its surrounding neighborhoods may have turned a corner, and the job and population growth in those areas may have propelled Philadephia into […]

philadelphia growth trends millennials photo

The Trends That Will Drive Local Real Estate in the Year Ahead

There are some who tout greater Philadelphia as a “Goldilocks” region, economically speaking: Neither flaming nor frozen, it chugs along at a slow but steady […]


Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Miss Philly’s First-Ever Real Estate Week

What could possibly be better than success? How about a week that celebrates success and gives people the tools they need to make it in […]


Five Philly Couples Who Hit Real Estate Pay Dirt

It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers when talking about real estate. That’s why we sought out real people, and real stories. These […]


Find Your Philly Dream House. (At Last!)

“We are having an inventory crisis,” Lauren Leithead tells me matter-of-factly. The two of us are having omelets at Sabrina’s Cafe in Wynnewood, and I […]


These Are the 10 Most Expensive Homes in Logan Square

If these top-of-the-market homes are any guide, there may be few neighborhoods in Philadelphia where one can live as large as one can in Logan […]


Survey: Millennials Aching to Buy, Homeowners Reluctant to Sell

Millennial homebuyers think now’s a good time to buy a home. That is, until they actually buy a home. That’s one of the key insights […]


So You Want to Live in Old City

The neighborhood where Philadelphia began is called Old City — please, none of that faux-Colonial e-on-the-end business — for a reason: This was the earliest part of […]