These Are the 10 Most Expensive Homes in Logan Square

Most of these offer at least one of the following: Elevated living, expansive spaces, expensive prices. A few of them hit the trifecta.

Not only is the view stunning, so is the space in this loft condo at 2200 Arch St., No. 7 on this week’s 10 Most Expensive list. | Bright MLS images via Astoban Realty Group

If these top-of-the-market homes are any guide, there may be few neighborhoods in Philadelphia where one can live as large as one can in Logan Square.

And by large, we mean spacious. Enormous. And really tricked-out.

You may not be paying Rittenhouse Square or Scannapieco penthouse prices for any of these most expensive Logan Square homes, but you will be paying a pretty penny — up to $2.25 million.

Or you could score a relative bargain, like the two Murano condominiums bringing up the rear for somewhere around $740,000 each.

That’s quite a range of prices. They’re attached to quite a range of spaces, though. Which means that in terms of price per square foot, there aren’t that many real bargains to be had here.

The units on this list range from about 1,250 square feet to 4,400 square feet. “With that in mind, the prices actually range rather narrowly, from $460 to $597 per square foot,” said Constantine Valhouli, director of research for NeighborhoodX. In other words, much of the price difference is driven by the size of the individual property.

Those prices are all on the steep side by that metric. But most of these homes come with all kinds of bells and whistles as compensation. Huge decks and balconies, commercial-quality kitchen appliances, sumptuous master bathrooms with both deluxe showers and jetted tubs are among the features you’ll find in these homes. Or how about a beverage fridge in your master bedroom dressing room? One of the homes on this list has one.

And all of them come with the convenience of being able to walk to work, shopping and dining whenever you feel like it (or if your work’s located close by, in that case).