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Gun Control

atlantic city casinos, where you used to be able to carry guns
City Life

Atlantic City Casinos Ban Guns, Which Apparently Weren’t Banned Before

Check phillymag.com each morning for the latest edition of Philly Today. And if you have a news tip for our hardworking Philly Mag reporters, please […]

City Life

Getting a Gun Permit in Philadelphia Might Be the Easiest Service the City Provides

Back in April, I noticed a ditch in the middle of my busy Philly street. Not a pothole. A ditch.  Over and over again, all […]

City Life

Philadelphia Has a Real Chance to Improve Gun Control. Our Leaders Must Fight for It Like They Fought for the Soda Tax

A typical weekend in Philadelphia has now become one that, sadly, ends with a recap of fatal shootings. This past weekend was no exception, as […]

City Life

What the Uvalde, Buffalo and Even Philly Shootings Have in Common

I’m not going to lie — it feels exhausting to have to write this. Last week, 10 Black people were murdered by an armed gunman […]

mass shootings mental illness donald trump
City Life

When Donald Trump Blames Mass Shootings on Mental Illness, He’s Blaming People Like Me

Last week, Donald Trump responded to the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, by saying that “mental illness and hatred pulls the […]

amazon slingshot toy guns philadelphia
City Life

Amazon Won’t Ship a Toy Slingshot to My House in Philadelphia

It’s Cyber Monday, so naturally, like any good American consumer, I’m planning on doing some Christmas shopping on Amazon Prime. We use Amazon Prime quite […]

south philadelphia's morning glory diner, whose website was hacked by MAGA pranksters
City Life

South Philly Diner Takes On the NRA, Pro-Lifers, and Donald Trump

While most local businesses tend to stay out of polarizing political issues, there’s one South Philadelphia restaurant that isn’t shy about letting the world know […]

City Life

Here’s Why We Didn’t Walk Out of School Yesterday

On Wednesday morning, many thousands of students in the Philadelphia area left their classrooms and marched outside as part of a national school walkout organized […]

City Life

Why We’re Walking Out: These Students Are Done With Your Guns, America

On Wednesday morning, students across the United States will participate in a national school walkout that was announced in the wake of the Parkland school […]

City Life

How Racial Bias Is Skewing the Gun Control Debate

Fact: If Black people were to legally purchase assault rifles en masse this week, gun control would come up for a vote next week. That’s […]

City Life

INTERVIEW: The Philly-Area Man Hailed as a Hero in Las Vegas Shooting

As Sunday’s tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas unfolded and in its immediate aftermath, there were many, many heroes. And on Monday, the White House […]

City Life

OPINION: It’s Time for Responsible Gun Owners to Come Over From the Dark Side

Stephen Paddock must have been insane. What else could explain the horror of Las Vegas? What else could explain 59 people killed and more than […]

City Life

A Modest Proposal: Let’s Keep Guns Out of Kids’ Hands

Did you hear the great news? Philadelphia got through the Democratic National Convention in one piece, proving once again that it can host Big Events every […]

City Life

NATIONAL NEWS: A Transgender Bathroom Ad Causes Big Buzz

A national TV ad depicting transgender bathroom discrimination will premiere during the Republican National Convention. A new ad spotlighting the bathroom discrimination struggles faced by […]

Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey
City Life

Bob Casey’s Profound About-Face on Gun Control

In 2009, during his first term in the U.S. Senate, Bob Casey voted to allow guns on Amtrak trains. He was not a believer in […]