Frank Rizzo

a member of the national guard in philadelphia
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The National Guard Arrives in Philadelphia Amid the Riots, Fires and Looting

A roundup of Philadelphia news. This post may be updated as more information becomes available. National Guard Arrives in Philadelphia They call what’s been happening […]

frank rizzo sculptor Zenos Frudakis
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The Man Who Made the Rizzo Statue Has His Own Surprising Ideas About What to Do With It

There are those who believe that the Frank Rizzo statue needs to go, and there is a plan for removal — sort of — that […]

frank rizzo statue
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Can Somebody Just Open a Frank Rizzo Museum Already and Stick the Statue There?

Over the weekend, the controversial Frank Rizzo statue in Center City was vandalized. Again. Yes, somebody wrote the word “fascist” on the bronze effigy, which […]

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The Frank Rizzo Statue Is Staying Right Where It Is (Until at Least 2021)

After a deadly white nationalist riot in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017 forced cities around the world to reckon with their Confederate and other controversial monuments, Philly announced that it […]

house for sale chestnut hill rizzo residence exterior front

On the Market: Former Rizzo Residence in Chestnut Hill

Late last week, we informed you that the stuff of the late Frank Rizzo’s life was being put up for sale at a public auction. […]

frank rizzo estate sale
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You Can Now Own Frank Rizzo’s Nightstick, Rolodex — and House

Here in Philadelphia, there are basically two types of people: those who hold Frank Rizzo in the highest esteem, and there are those who consider […]

gritty frank rizzo mural
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And Now, There’s a Petition to Replace the Frank Rizzo Mural With Gritty

We promise that one day, probably in the not-too-distant future, we will publish our final article about Gritty, the Flyers mascot who went from a […]

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Kenney Administration Will Move the Rizzo Statue … Somewhere

This is a developing story. Check back for more information. The Frank Rizzo statue will get a new home. The city announced on Friday that officials will […]

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“Trump Rat” Makes Its Hideous Philly Debut

Just in time to celebrate what would have been Frank Rizzo’s 97th birthday, a 15-foot inflatable monster dubbed “Trump Rat” was blown up near the […]

eggs, frank rizzo statue
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Rizzo Statue Egg-Tosser Gets Four Hours of Community Service

Remember the guy who hurled four eggs at the Rizzo statue in August? We sure do. 

rizzo, black power pick
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Take That, Frank Rizzo: Behold This 800-Pound Black Power Pick

This is a developing story. Check back for more information. The Thomas Paine Plaza, home of the city’s contentious Frank Rizzo statue, welcomed a new […]

rizzo, eggs
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OPINION: The Rizzo Statue Isn’t Going Anywhere

Thanks to a group of white dudes who decided to go to Charlottesville, Virginia, kill someone, and ruin tiki torches for the rest of us, […]

rizzo statue
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Philly Teacher Arrested After Rizzo Statue Protest

A Philly teacher has been charged with terroristic threats following an alleged altercation during a protest of the city’s Frank Rizzo statue. John Edward Sheerin, […]

rizzo statue
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Have an Idea for the Rizzo Statue? The City Wants to Hear It

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock during the past week or so knows the city has a little problem with its Frank Rizzo […]

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OPINION: Philly Isn’t Charlottesville. It’s Worse.

“Who is more racist: The North or the South?” That is the age-old question I’m often asked when I tell people I moved to Philly […]