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refreshed villanova contemporary house for sale exterior rear

Just Listed: Renewed Contemporary in Villanova

Like 1970s subways do in the public-works realm, 1970s contemporary houses occupy an odd space on the spectrum of American domestic architecture. Some of them […]

gladwyne georgian revival house for sale exterior front

On the Market: Georgian Revival Mansion in Gladwyne

“They don’t build ’em like they used to.” How many times have you heard someone say that in the course of lamenting what passes for […]

coronavirus rentals finale farm

Coronavirus Has Luxury Clients — Including New Yorkers — Looking to Rent in the Philly ’Burbs

Sometimes you just gotta get away. Maybe you’re looking for a place where you and your family can relax and unwind by the pool or […]

Neither buyers nor sellers should sit on the sidelines right now, say several agents, but the COVID-19 outbreak has complicated the sale process. | Photo: CDI Productions via Getty Images

Trying to Buy or Sell a House in Philly Right Now? Here’s What to Expect

At least as of now, the real estate market hasn’t disappeared completely the way the travel market has. People still need to move for various […]


On the Market: Modern Medieval Manor in Gwynedd Valley

For nigh upon 40 years, historians, philosophers, prognosticators and assorted academics have prophesied that global society is headed towards a new Middle Ages, sometimes with […]

rittenhouse bi-level condo for sale living room

Just (Re)Listed: Modern Bi-Level Condo in Rittenhouse

Stop us if you’ve seen this before. On second thought, don’t, for this very urbane bi-level condo for sale on Chestnut Street in Rittenhouse Square […]

condo for sale rittenhouse parc rittenhouse condo living room and kitchen dining area

Just Listed: Upgraded Condo on Rittenhouse Square

In New York, buyers kill for apartments in “prewar buildings.” These spaces, their aficionados claim, have more character and are better built and laid out […]

house for sale society hill federal townhouse exterior front

On the Market: Federal Townhouse in Society Hill

Looking for a gracious oasis in one of Philadelphia’s most historic neighborhoods? Your search is over. This extra-wide (26 feet), beautifully outfitted, well-maintained Society Hill […]

house for sale rittenhouse carriage house exterior front

On the Market: Updated Carriage House in Rittenhouse

On many of the “little streets” tucked behind the grand houses that line the thoroughfares in Washington Square West and Rittenhouse Square, you will find […]

house for sale north hills restored midcentury modern exterior front

On the Market: Restored Midcentury Modern in North Hills

Greater Philadelphia boasts an impressive collection of midcentury modernist houses designed by some of the best architects working in the field at the time. Louis […]

house for sale northern liberties modern townhouse exterior

On the Market: Modern Corner Townhouse in Northern Liberties

We started this week with something compact and cute in Northern Liberties. Today we’re giving you something big and beautiful in the same neighborhood. Specifically, […]

condo for sale old city national bi-level townhouse main floor

On the Market: Bi-Level Townhouse Condo in Old City

Washington Square West may be Center City’s most diverse neighborhood overall, but in several respects, Old City gives it a run for its money. It […]

new hope modern farmhouse dining room and kitchen

5 Houses That Will Make Your Next Big Dinner Much Easier

Thanksgiving brings with it several stress triggers. There’s making sure the turkey doesn’t dry out. There’s making sure everything’s ready to serve at the same […]

house for sale chestnut hill contemporary colonial exterior front

Just Listed: Contemporary Colonial in Chestnut Hill

Some houses have strong bones bequeathed them by the past. Some houses have striking style the reflects the sensibilities of today. And some houses have […]

house for sale fishtown young twin exterior front

On the Market: Nearly New Twin in Fishtown

I recommend that builders and marketers stage their new houses for sale because doing so helps buyers better imagine what they could do with the […]