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Puzzled by That Ad Comparing Philly to Barcelona? It’s Not Such a Stretch, Says Tourism Head

Philadelphia has seen a record-breaking number of visitors for seven straight years in large part thanks to the advertising efforts of tourism agency Visit Philadelphia. CEO Jeff […]


Rushing to Top Up Your SEPTA Key? You’ll Have to Watch This Ad First.

It’s a rare thing, these days, to find a true example of what marketers call a captive audience. It used to be the case that […]

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Are Billboards as Civic Monuments the Future of Suburban Advertising?

I didn’t think it was possible to make Business Route 1 in lower Bucks County look cheesier, but in Middletown Township, I believe they’ve pulled […]

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NYC’s Phone-Charging Kiosks Might Soon Be All Over Center City

Soon enough, you might be able to charge your phone and access free Wi-Fi at a kiosk on a Philly sidewalk. The Art Commission has granted preliminary […]

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City Council Might Ban Waving Inflatable Tube Men

City Council will soon consider sealing the fate of Philly’s inflatable tube men – you know, the bright, blown-up guys that flop and flail all […]


Advertising on Public Buildings Is a Sad, Terrible Thing

On Wednesday morning, the Philadelphia Art Commission rejected a proposal to put five vinyl billboards on two public buildings in the civic heart of the […]


Video: Keep it in Your Pants This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day coming up on Sunday, a Philly advertising agency has a simple message: Keep it in your pants. I’d explain, but it’s probably […]


5 Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials, Picked by Philly Ad Agency

The Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers weren’t the only ones fighting for supremacy on Super Bowl Sunday. Advertisers were battling for the top spot, too. […]


Meet the Philly Ad Agency Promoting “Joy,” the Brand Behind the Movie

Rarely does a brand have such a prime opportunity to go from niche retailer to household name. But such is the case for Joy — the brand […]


Comcast, Cosby Make List of 2015’s Top Branding Scandals

It’s never too early for a “Best Of The Year” list, and a new one from Inc. magazine caught my eye. It’s a list of […]


How Businesses Are Celebrating Back to the Future Day

The future is now. Whether you care or not, you’ve probably been bombarded with articles and social media coverage of Back to the Future Day — October 21, […]


Campbell Soup Ad Features Gay Dads and a Famous Line From Star Wars

Campbell Soup took a bold advertising step this week, releasing a series of commercials featuring non-traditional families. The ad that’s gotten the most attention features two real-life […]


Love the Eagles Hype Videos? Meet the Branding Agency Behind Them

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, there’s nothing quite like the team’s hype videos. You know the ones — where Bradley Cooper calls an Eagles-Giants game “Wall […]


How Selling Ads Can Save Philly’s School System

School Superintendent William Hite needs more money, and we’re all in agreement with him. City Council has rejected the district’s latest funding plan and remains […]


Think Philly Has Too Many Billboards? Too Bad

Just a couple weeks ago, Philadelphia City Council passed a bill that has huge implications for billboard haters and lovers alike. The legislation by Councilman Bobby Henon was expected to […]