Video: Keep it in Your Pants This Valentine’s Day

Hilariously poignant cell-phone PSA shames us all.

With Valentine’s Day coming up on Sunday, a Philly advertising agency has a simple message: Keep it in your pants.

I’d explain, but it’s probably better if you watch this 48-second video from Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners instead:

Cell phone use is killing etiquette and manners as we know it, so props to the RTO+P team for cell-phone shaming us all. No, you’re not being productive by checking your work email at dinner, you’re just being rude. (I know I’m as guilty as anyone else, but I’m working on it. I swear!)

Sociological message aside, the video offers a glimpse into how an advertising promotes itself — rather than using all its creative talent on its clients. You might know of RTO+P as the folks promoting Joy (the brand) in the wake of the Jennifer Lawrence movie or the team behind that wacky Visit Philadelphia video where Ben Franklin and a cheesesteak have a Godzilla-style battle on the streets on Philly.

“We’re just like any other business,” said Steve Red, president and chief creative officer at RTO+P. “It’s important to get into the conversation and have people talk about us in a way that helps us get business and attracts people that might want to work with us.”

Ad agencies have the creativity and talent, so why don’t they promote themselves more often?

“I think ad agencies are sometimes reluctant to rely on anything other than the work they have out there,” said Red. “But if you can find something insightful and relevant, and think its worth putting a message out to the world, it’s a good thing to do. The more people are talking about us, the better our business does.”

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