WATCH: John Fetterman Ran This Ad on MSNBC During Iowa Caucus Coverage

The Braddock mayor and U.S. Senate candidate aired what's been called a pared-down version of "the best campaign video of the season."

Braddock mayor John Fetterman, who I profiled in December, is ramping up his campaign for U.S. Senate. Last night, a TV spot pitching Fetterman aired during Iowa caucus coverage on MSNBC.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review called the ad a pared-down version of “the best campaign video of the season.” It was produced by Lydia Morin, a Fetterman campaign staffer.

The ad goes through Fetterman’s tenure as mayor of Braddock, and his attempts to help revive the steel town — or, oftentimes, to get people enough food and heat. The steel town, which still has a functioning mill, has lost about 18,000 in population since its peak.

Fetterman launched his campaign with free tacos. With 8 percent in a recent poll, he trails — but not by that much — former Congressman Joe Sestak (17%), former Tom Wolf chief of staff Katie McGinty (13%). Most Democratic voters are undecided.

Results of a recent poll by Republican firm Harper Polling include: “Among people with a very favorable opinion of tattoos, he pulls into second place behind Sestak (29-35% Sestak).”

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