City Council Might Ban Waving Inflatable Tube Men

How will anyone ever sell a car again?

City Council will soon consider sealing the fate of Philly’s inflatable tube men – you know, the bright, blown-up guys that flop and flail all over car dealerships and other desolate-looking parking lots in the city.

Sixth-district Councilman Bobby Henon has introduced a bill that would amend the city’s zoning code to enact new regulations on signs – but the only change that really matters (to us, at least) is that inflatable tube men would be no more. 

Henon’s chief of staff Courtney Voss told PlanPhilly that the councilman “really, really dislikes” the “wacky wavy arm flailing inflatable tube men” who are “all over the place including in our district, particularly along our business corridors and in our industrially zoned areas.”

Let’s be honest: inflatable tube men are sort of eyesores. But won’t we miss them a little if they go? There’s something endearing about the way they flail carelessly in the breeze, perpetually greeting passersby with wind-blown bows. Plus, how will anyone ever sell a car again?

Alas, these questions are for City Council to answer on June 13th – when Henon’s bill will undergo a hearing. Until then, Philly’s inflatable tube men will continue to wave.

Visit PlanPhilly more information on Henon’s bill.

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