Campbell Soup Ad Features Gay Dads and a Famous Line From Star Wars

Campbell Soup took a bold advertising step this week, releasing a series of commercials featuring non-traditional families. The ad that’s gotten the most attention features two real-life […]


Love the Eagles Hype Videos? Meet the Branding Agency Behind Them

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, there’s nothing quite like the team’s hype videos. You know the ones — where Bradley Cooper calls an Eagles-Giants game “Wall […]


How Selling Ads Can Save Philly’s School System

School Superintendent William Hite needs more money, and we’re all in agreement with him. City Council has rejected the district’s latest funding plan and remains […]

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Think Philly Has Too Many Billboards? Too Bad

Just a couple weeks ago, Philadelphia City Council passed a bill that has huge implications for billboard haters and lovers alike. The legislation by Councilman Bobby Henon was expected to […]

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New Ad Campaign to Feature Yuengling Tattoos

Are you proud of your #beer? #YuenglingTats #yuengling A photo posted by D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. (@yuenglingbeer) on Feb 23, 2015 at 3:19pm PST […]

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Council Committee Approves Digital Ads

Center City is one step closer to looking like Times Square. A City Council Committee on Tuesday unanimously approved a bill that will allow “urban […]

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WATCH: Hallmark Uses Lesbian Couple in Ad Campaign for the First Time In what is perhaps the biggest weekend of the year for commercials, Hallmark has released an ad on YouTube that features a real-life lesbian couple—the […]

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Tiffany’s New Ad Campaign Features Same-Sex Couple for the First Time

A real-life New York gay couple appears in Tiffany’s latest engagement campaign, the first in the company’s history to feature a same-sex couple. The handsome fellows […]

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WATCH: New Tylenol Ad Features Two-Mom Family

Tylenol has released a series of videos in its “For What Matters Most” campaign. The three videos are inspired by Norman Rockwell’s classic Thanksgiving painting, Freedom […]


Philly TV News: Lots of Campaign Ads, But No Coverage

The Sunlight Foundation recently watched a half-hour of the CBS 3 local news and found a wide disparity between the number of political commercials and […]

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WATCH: LeSean McCoy Has a Dumb New Ad for Dryer Sheets

Are you a big LeSean McCoy fan? The Eagles’ running back is coming off a great season and says he’s going to reach 2,000 yards […]

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Allstate Releases Touching LGBT Ad for Pride Month

Allstate insurance company just released this gorgeous animated ad for Pride month. The spot, entitled, “Safe in My Hands,” features music by singer-songwriter Eli Lieb, […]

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Which TV Ad Babe Is For You: Progressive’s Flo, Toyota’s Jan, or AT&T’s Lily?

First there was Flo, the kooky TV spokeswoman for Progressive Insurance, stuck inside her weird futuristic white sales habitat, bundling things together, demonstrating the Name […]


Suitsupply’s Latest Ads Are Douchey, Sexist Clothes Porn

Okay, Suitsupply. Let me level with you. I love your store. I’m beyond happy you guys came to Philly. Really. I don’t even really mind your […]

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Mike Jerrick Is the Future of Philadelphia’s Digital District Picture yourself walking toward City Hall. Traffic zooms past you and as you stroll down Market Street, you dodge rushed business people texting and […]