WATCH: LeSean McCoy Has a Dumb New Ad for Dryer Sheets

LeSean McCoy announces he's used a performance-enhancing substance?! Oh, Bounce® dryer sheets, you card! It was all a commercial!

Are you a big LeSean McCoy fan? The Eagles’ running back is coming off a great season and says he’s going to reach 2,000 yards this season, so it’s understandable if you are. (He also once told his Twitter followers to harass the mother of his child, so it’s understandable if you aren’t.)

If you are a big McCoy fan, do you trust his opinions on dryer sheets? That’s what Bounce is apparently hoping, as it shows in this ridiculous new commercial where McCoy admits to using a performance-enhancing (or “potential enhancing,” I guess) substance.


Twist! It’s actually a box of Bounce® dryer sheets. Ohh boy, this fake press conference commercial almost had me fooled here.

What is (perhaps unintentionally) perfect about this ad is the complete disinterest LeSean McCoy has in reading this fake apology about not sharing his Bounce® dryer sheets. It’s just as if he did something actually bad and was going through the motions of an apology!


See? Perfect. He didn’t even look up from the podium when introducing the box of Bounce® for Men. Before you mock this unnecessary product, be sure to read the company’s official description: “Even if you can’t whittle a kayak out of a redwood with a penknife, you can smell like the sort of guy who would.”

Okay, now you can start mocking it. Who knows, though — maybe I need my clothes to smell like a mountain man.