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Another PA Republican Tests Positive for COVID, This Time Mid-Meeting with Trump

If you’re looking to stop super-spreaders in Pennsylvania, maybe start with Republican lawmakers in Harrisburg, many of whom to this day still refuse to wear masks.

Spotted lanternfly spreads its wings

’Tis the Season to Destroy Lanternfly Eggs

pandemic puppy

How Pandemic Pups Are Getting Us Through a Very Dark Year

dog adoptions

5 Things to Know About Adopting a Dog in Philly

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How T.O. Saved Us

Terrell Owens  rescued Philadelphia. He brought glamour and glitz and an electrifying jolt of good vibrations to the city, which was suffering in the spiritual […]

Power: Sherman’s Last Stand

Mark Sherman, the Savior of East Falls, wants to show me his horses. Really. He’s got steeds. Five of them. This is an eyebrow-raiser for […]

Get Fit Now!: The Trainer Tells All

I had been working out with a woman for months when one day, out of nowhere, she dropped the bomb. “I have been giving you […]

Music: Raising Her Voice

Lelia is about to go on. The houselights have dimmed, on this cold November night, inside Indre Studios in South Philly. The audience, about a […]

Get Fit Now!: Workouts That Work

Remember when exercise was simple? There was the Jane Fonda approach — pull on those leg warmers and get physical! The Pumping Iron approach — […]

Exit Interview: Annie Duke

As professional poker rises to new levels of hipness, one of its biggest stars is Annie Duke, 39, a mother of four and Ben Affleck’s […]

Love, Money, Sex, Cheating: The Real Stories of 10 Philly Marriages

Love, Money, Sex, Cheating: The Real Stories of 10 Philly Marriages

An unfiltered, unvarnished look at what “till death do us part” means now.

How does a project-obsessed, to-do-list-­reliant, overworked, overachieving, over-dramatic woman give herself permission to take a bubble bath?

I have a to-do list for work. I have a to-do list for home. I have a to-do list for the house (separated, of course, […]

The Ultimate Comfort Guide: The 42 Most Comforting Places in Philly

We dug deep for this list. Took a good, hard look at spots  we keep going back to — or would love to go back […]

My Philadelphia Story: Chuck Bednarik

The most I ever got from football was $27,000. Of all the honors I got, getting inducted into the Hall of Fame is probably the […]

What does event planner Brian Kappra do on his night off? Throw his own glamorous dinner party, of course

Brian Kappra designed the $100,000 billowing beach tents for model Eva Herzigova’s wedding to Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres in Asbury Park. He made a […]

A critical take on 19 dining stalwarts

Restaurants that stay in business for a decade or more must be doing something right. The best ones measure up to our memories while striving […]

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Beyond Condoms, Cheese Puffs and Beer: How GoPuff Became Essential

Beyond Condoms, Cheese Puffs and Beer: How GoPuff Became Essential

The company is offering a lesson in adaptability and community partnerships during the pandemic.

Society: The Power Nun

Billions of dollars were sitting in the ballroom of the Philadelphia Marriott on the eve of the presidential election last fall. Philanthropists Lynne and Harold […]

Film: The Un-Shyamalan

There’s a party going on inside Bryn Mawr’s most extravagant home, courtesy of its owner, Dawn Lenfest, wife of Brook, heir to the Lenfest cable-television […]

Contrarian: The Evil Emperor

I just got a peek at a new biography about the local Roberts family, of Comcast fame. It’s called COMCASTed: How Ralph and Brian Roberts […]

Lord of the Wings

All he wanted was to retire. With some dignity. With a little bit of grace. A year ago, Bill "El Wingador" Simmons wanted to retire […]

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