Highlight: A Tall Order

Life was a little cutthroat when cowboys retreated to the rowdy saloons of the Old West, but ordering a drink was easy: either whiskey or bust. And even though cosmopolitans and whatever-tinis have all but taken today’s cocktail scene, whiskey retains its reputation as a drink that means business, the kind of booze you swill instead of sip. This year’s Whiskey Festival, presented by Philadelphia magazine and the PLCB, is not for the occasional imbiber: the event will serve upwards of 80 different types of top-shelf spirits, from single malt, Canadian and Irish varieties of whiskey to vodka, rum, tequila, bourbon and more. The festival will also feature snacks, a cigar bar and a silent auction. And because we here at Philly Mag fear liability: drink responsibly.

The Crystal Tea Room, Wanamaker Building, 100 Penn Sq. East, $85 to $95, 800-595-4TIX, phillymag.com/philly/whiskey_fest