AC Now: Luxuries: What’s in Your Store?

Start a Tradition: “Our Celebration rings make such perfect gifts. They’re designed to symbolize the most important moments in life: a graduation, an anniversary, the birth of a baby, a holiday — or just because. You can make your own unique stack, adding diamonds or pink or blue sapphires, using platinum or yellow gold, and choose engraving inside the ring to make it even more sentimental. The collection is so vast, you can spend from $1,000 up to tens of thousands, depending how elaborate the ring.”

Build a Collection: “Our charms let you tailor a necklace, bracelet — even a bag or key ring — and make it all your own. We have Tiffany icons, ducks, airplanes — they’re a great way to express yourself, and cost from $125 upwards.”

Make a Statement: “Legacy, our new fine jewelry collection, is inspired by the jewelry from our archives, made with platinum with ultra-fine pear shaped diamonds. It’s really, really beautiful.”

Tiffany & Co., The Pier Shops at Caesars, 609-344-1733;