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A Philly Teacher Opens Up About What Really Happens in the Online Classroom

Ninth-grade history teacher Emily Simpson on Zoom technical difficulties, online classes of 30-plus students, 12-hour work days, and the occasional feel-good moments amid all the chaos.


The Problem With “Feed Fatigue” and Other Excuses White People Make for Remaining Racist

pennsylvania general election

Here Are All the Ways You Can Cast Your Ballot in the General Election

a dog checking out a curbside box for the Philadelphia Weekly, which wants to pivot to a conservative newspaper

The Liberal Philadelphia Weekly May Become a Conservative Alt-Weekly

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Best Thing: Philly Sports Are Back! Sort Of!

The sounds of summer — pro sports on the radio — return.


Political Scientist Daniel Q. Gillion on What Makes Protest Movements Effective

Philly has had large and contentious protests, yet the Mayor’s proposed reforms are less radical than those considered in other cities. Penn professor Daniel Gillion explains why that’s not necessarily the end of the story.


The Pandemic Canceled Michael Smerconish’s Tour, So He Recorded His One-Man Show in an Empty Bucks County Theater

Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Talking was written to be performed in theaters. It will air on CNN on Saturday night instead.

the black taxi, one of two philadelphia restaurants shut down by health officials after citing them for COVID violations

Philly Health Officials Shut Down Two Restaurants After Citing Them for COVID Violations

Plus: Mike Pence manages to avoid a potentially germy fist bump with John McNesby. And Philly wants to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

patti labelle, tina turner, and the led zeppelin reunion at live aid, among other images

Live Aid in Philly: An Oral History

In their own words, superstars Tina Turner, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page and locals like Patti LaBelle, Pierre Robert, Stephen Starr and Robert Drake explain what it was like that crazy day 35 years ago.


Citizens of Philly and Pennsylvania, Push Your Leaders to Get Election Day Right

We will be in the world spotlight on Election Day. There are three things we can do right now to ensure that we’re a shining beacon of democracy.

Love, Money, Sex, Cheating: The Real Stories of 10 Philly Marriages

Love, Money, Sex, Cheating: The Real Stories of 10 Philly Marriages

An unfiltered, unvarnished look at what “till death do us part” means now.

wawa, which is asking customers to pay with cards or exact change due to national coin shortage

National Coin Crisis Comes to Your Neighborhood Wawa

The convenience store chain is begging customers to pay with cards — or exact change — thanks to the country’s coin shortage.

the free library of philadelphia, which faces a boycott over racial inequities

Authors Cancel Appearances at the Free Library in Solidarity With Black Workers There

Plus: A woman in a wheelchair was shot with roman candles. Yes, you read that right.

80 Notable Philly Institutions and Businesses That Received PPP Loans

Starr Restaurants, the Barnes Foundation, Pat’s Steaks, Friends’ Central, Boyds, the Kline & Specter personal injury law firm, and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia all received at least $150,000 (and sometimes a good bit more).


I’m Done Reasoning With COVID Safety Violators Who Have a Death Wish

We’re at a point in this deadly pandemic where those of us who are determined to stay safe can no longer waste our energy trying to save those who clearly couldn’t care less.


West Philly’s Rick Krajewski on Running for Office, Defunding the PPD and the National Leftist Uprising

Helped by an endorsement from Bernie Sanders, the activist-turned-politician’s victorious primary campaign in West Philly’s 188th District is being mentioned with those of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jamaal Brown and his friend Nikil Saval.

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Beyond Condoms, Cheese Puffs and Beer: How GoPuff Became Essential

Beyond Condoms, Cheese Puffs and Beer: How GoPuff Became Essential

The company is offering a lesson in adaptability and community partnerships during the pandemic.

Ghislaine Maxwell friend laura goldman who has been making the media rounds in the jeffrey epstein saga

Ghislaine Maxwell “Confidante” Laura Goldman Rears Head in Epstein Saga

The stockbroker turned convicted stalker turned Philly-based journalist was interviewed by Piers Morgan on Monday. It didn’t go so well.

a scene at the headquarters of gopuff, the company that now faces a lawsuit after a worker says she was sexually assaulted and then retaliated against

Woman Claims She Was Sexually Assaulted By a Co-Worker at GoPuff — and Then Retaliated Against

Plus: Old City gone wild. Again.

black-owned businesses philadelphia

We Need to Support Black-Owned Businesses. Here Are 300+ Places in Philly to Start

Shopping at and supporting Black-owned businesses is one step we can all take to begin confronting racial economic inequity.

people not social distancing at the jersey shore on July 4th during the coronavirus crisis

Welp, So Much for Social Distancing at the Jersey Shore Over 4th of July Weekend

Plus: Spraygrounds and the Philadelphia Zoo reopen, and the Phillies are back at the ballpark.

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