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November 2019 Issue


City Life

Your Guide to the Only-in-Philly Sights at the Thanksgiving Day Parade

Once again Philadelphians will gather to smile and honk and curse and wonder what the hell is going on. Well, wonder no more.

City Life

Why Youse Guys Should Start Saying Y’all

Y’all is gentler. And more inclusive.

City Life

YA Author Kacen Callender on Transgender Characters and Writing for Teens

Their first adult book, Queen of the Conquered, is out on November 12th.


Be Well Philly

I Hate Treadmills, But I’m Obsessed With Treadmill Classes

How one lifelong outdoor runner learned to love the dreadmill.


Living in Mt. Airy: A Neighborhood Guide

The neighborhood that built its reputation on integration remains one of the city’s most welcoming.  

Life & Style

The Philly Places and Things DJ Diamond Kuts Can’t Live Without

From her favorite vegan doughnuts to the embellished jacket she wore on Good Morning America.